Don't Cheat on Me

Amber is an unfortunate girl that is constantly cheated on by her boyfriends. Up steps a confident and hot guy, who decides to teach her how to never be cheated on again. His sharp tongue... His sensual touch... It's an erotic lesson she'll never forget! And so she begins her romantic journey with her new love coach, Drake.


2. Forget

The curtains were slightly opened so i took a deep breath and peered in, i knew what was waiting for me. i knew i would be sad, but i had to face the truth so that i could move on from my 27th boyfriend. He was there, on the bed with an unknown woman that was 20 times more beatiful than me. she straddled Greg and he just sat there rubbing her ass, she leaned in and slid her tongue into his mouth and they began to passionately kiss. I felt my heart shatter, i kneeled down and started hitting the floor, i howled and sobbed. I couldn't see straight anymore, i couldn't walk correctly. i walked over to the balcony and looked back at the door, the sound of moaning seeped out making me feel sick to the stomach. I began having suicidal thoughts and climbed onto the ledge; as i bent my knees, totally read to jump, i heard someone whisper to me.

"Hey you, girl." I looked up, the voice came from the balcony above mine, "Do you want revenge?" a silhouette of what seemed to be a young man appeared and he lowered a latter down for me. "Climb up..." I bit my lip, and grabbed onto the bars. i didn't want to die yet.

When i reached the top i was greeted by a tall stranger, he had his arms crossed and a smug look on his face. He was good looking and had a nice build, i would say he was better looking than greg.

"so you got dumped?" I looked at him, unsure if i could trust him; but then i remembered, i just dont care anymore. so i nodded, he shrugged and went inside his room. he looked back as if to tell me i should follow him, so i did. When i stepped foot inside, i lost my breath. his room was amazing, i looked outside again. right, i was in the pent house of a 5 star hotel. the hotel that housed the most famous celebrities in the world. While gaping in awe, i was handed a soft robe from the handsome guy. i realized that i was naked this whole time but i didnt seem to be bothered.

"I heard you, sorry. About what happened between you and that guy." he sat on the bed and stared at me with pitiful eyes, almost like he was mocking me. I huffed and quickly put on the robe, crossed my arms and walked up to him. i demanded what he wanted and he only replied 'excitement'. "Im Drake by the way," he leaned forward, "Drake Clarks, and you my dear?" I leaned forward and looked him in the eye.

"Amber Howel..." he grins smugginly, not breaking eye contact.

"Well, Ms. Amber Howel, would you like some excitement in your life in exchange for something precious?" He offers his hand out, i stepped back, debating on if i should take his offer. Do I even own anything precious? I don't care because I would have excepted his offer anyways. I put my hand on his and he pulled me close, passionately kissing me; pressing my lips to his. He pushed me down and held my hands as he kissed me roughly yet at the same time as gently as possible. I lost myself and gave in to him, he was good, he made me feel good... I feel good. Happier. He made me forget my worries so instead i embraced his warmth.  

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