Don't Cheat on Me

Amber is an unfortunate girl that is constantly cheated on by her boyfriends. Up steps a confident and hot guy, who decides to teach her how to never be cheated on again. His sharp tongue... His sensual touch... It's an erotic lesson she'll never forget! And so she begins her romantic journey with her new love coach, Drake.


3. Excitement

I woke up the next morning, laying lifelessly in bed. My body was scrawled on the bed and Drake was nowhere to be found. I was abandoned again. What excitement? What was there to be excited about? This scene has replayed dozens of times before my eyes. There was nothing to be excited about. I slowly close my eyes to think about my life, how could my heart continue to love and cling on to hope so much? my mind wanted me to give up but the thought of giving up made my heart upset. The thought made my chest tighten and I felt tired and heavy. There was a knock on the door, i slowly bent down to pick up the robe and approached the door.

"Who is it?" I looked through the peep hole. A young boy around the age of 16 or so met my eye. He was a little on the short side and seemed to be fidgeting with his collar. Next to him was a cart of food and a couple boxes from brand named companies. 

"Uhhh... room service? Mr. Clarks sent this for you..." He cleared his throat and stood up straight like he was talking to his boss. I opened the door and allowed him to roll the cart in, before leaving he handed me a small envelope that had my name on it and quickly walked out, shutting the door a little bit too hard. 

I examined the cart and it's treasures: breakfast foods and orange juice, one box from victoria secret, one box from Harry Winston, and two boxes from Louis Vuitton. One contained shoes and the other a dress, i gasped in awe and held it up. It was a black, sleeveless, bodycon dress. It was made out of a silk like material that slipped through my fingers. I quickly reached for the Harry Winston Box, inside contained a diamond choker along with a pair of dangly earrings; my eyes glanced down at the price, then I shut the box and scooted back. It was dangerous to be surrounded by such expensive products, if i happen to damage something it would take me 5 life times to repay the debt.

My hand happened to brush against the envelope that was given to me so i picked it up and carfully opened it.

Good morning Amber,

I hope you've slept well, I'm sorry I could not stay with you until morning and i'm even more sorry to drag you into my little 'game', but i need you to eat your breakfast. All of it. You probably will not get the chance to eat for the rest of the day... Anyways, Parker will pick you up at 10. Please clean yourself and get dressed before he comes, dont worry about hair and makeup. Just take a shower and but on the things I've bought for you. REMEMBER, HE WILL PICK YOU UP AT 10. NO LATER, NO EARLIER.


I looked up at the clock, 9:25. I scrambled to my feet and jumped into the shower, 9:40. I sat down and ate my breakfast while I roughly dried my hair, 9:55. I jump into my clothes and begin to violently stab my ears so that the earrings would go through the holes, 9:59. As I put on my shoes, I hear knocking on the door.

"Ms. Howel? My name is Parker, I'm here to bring you to Mr. Clarks." He bows.

"Yes, of course... but first could your be a dear and hook this necklace on for me?" I hand the old man the necklace and turn around. He swiftly hooks and suddenly drag me out of the hotel, before i knew it we were in the lobby and i was pushed into a long limo. Parker quickly gets into the driver's seat and he starts the car. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Greg and his whore getting into a taxi; his arm around her waist. I smack my chest, it was time to get over him.

I ended up falling asleep and when i woke up, i was at another amazing hotel. Parker helped me out of the limo and ushered me into the building; when inside, two girls drag me into a room and they sat me down.

"Well, Well... If it isnt Cinderella before the bibbity boppity boo." Drake walts in and hold my hand, "Ready for the excitement?"

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