The young Black sisters

This is the story of the Black sisters Bellatrix, Narcissa, and Andromeda when they were young.


1. FUN!!!

The Black sisters ran down the grassy hill they were all laughing. When they reached the bottom they all fell onto the hard ground making them laugh more.

"Another tie." Narcissa said.

"Yea" Bellatrix said.

"Rematch?" Andromeda asked.

"Sure. What about you Bella?" Narcissa asked.

"Yea why not." Bellatrix said happily.

The Black sisters had a rematch but it was another tie. They had rematch after rematch but it was always a tie. Finally their mom called them into to get ready for bed. They hurriedly got ready for bed so they could talk a little bit more.

"I'll be so excited when we get to go to Hogwarts!" Narcissa exclaimed happily.

"Yea it'll be great I know it." Andromeda said.

"Too bad were not all going together." Bellatrix said sadly.

"Yea I'll be all alone for a year." Andromeda sadly said.

"Don't worry me and Bella promise to come home for the holidays." Narcissa said. "At least you'll have me the first year Bella goes. Then I'll go then you'll go. But no matter what sisters forever."

"Sisters forever." Bellatrix happily said.

"Sisters forever." Andromeda said.

"Forever sisters!" They all said at the same time. With that they all went to bed.

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