Caught Between Dreams and Nightmares

Aura Borealis has the thirteen year old queen finds two twins on the side of her kingdoms border, who are they? (This is a short story sooo, the chapters are short.)


1. Don't Turn Your Back

"Queen Borealis, we found these at the border or your aurora." Kalik told to me, "They seemed to be attacked by some kind of wolf?" the nurse Tamera told me, "Clean them up, then bring them to my garden please." I told Tamera. "Sure thing!" Tamera ran away with the bodies, with Kalik trailing behind her.

I walk into the Fairy Garden, it's like one of those bigger on the inside things, "Here they are! They are Cyra and Link." Cyra was staring at a fairy, like that was the only thing in the world. Link looked at the ground like he knew he was gonna get punished. "Ok, first of all, why are you here!?!" I yelled at them, Cyra took the lead and replied. "We were, um.... Trying to break through the shield. And yea.."

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