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I won't.


2. New Beginning

~Hadley's POV~

What if this is just a prank Thea? I say as were pulling into our driveway. It's not I promise. Ok I say still a little bit concerned. We go into our apartment and start packing. What should we bring? Everything! Thea said. How about that thing with you and Calum. A smile grew on her face. It was just a kiss. More like making out I said throwing her some of my clothes. Ok it was and it was amazing! I smiled happy for Thea. She deserved someone like him. I changed into my Marines sweatshirt and my gray sweatpants. We finished packing and we still had two hours to waste. We watch decide to watch Vampire Diaries. Which is my favorite show. When successfully the two hours have been wasted, we pack our stuff in the car and head to the airport. We blasted One Direction music the whole way and when we got there we ran to our gate. I saw Liam standing by a set of stairs and he told us to follow him. We walked out on the Tarmac and walked on to their private jet. It was pretty amazing. I guess Liam had told them already because they weren't surprised. I say down next to Liam with Niall and Luke across from me. Thea sat down with Calum obvisouly and Michael and Louis across from her. After we took off I had so many questions to ask, but I fell asleep before I could ask them.

~Niall's POV~

I made a group chat with everyone except Liam, Thea, Hadley and Calum. I asked them do you like either one of the girls. Type 1 for Hadley and 2 for Thea. I just had to know who else liked them. Everyone phone started binging and I got answers back pretty quickly. Harry, Luke, and Ashton said Hadley. Wow, 5 out of nine like her. Great. Michael, Louis, and Zayn said Thea. I clicked off my phone angrily. Why does everybody have to like her. I look over at her all bundled up in her sweatshirt and pants. She was beautiful. I didn't want anyone to have her. I wanted her and my heartached every time I saw her with Liam.

~Thea's POV~

Me and Calum exchanged phone numbers right when I got on the plane. We texted the whole flight since we didn't want to wake everybody. Then he fell asleep and I looked up at his beautiful face. How did I get so lucky. I'm nothing special, why do I deserve him I'm not pretty, I'm nothing.....

~Hadley's POV~

I woke up with my head on Liam shoulder and his arms wrapped around me. Ten seconds later everyone else was woken up by the noise of the pilot telling us were landing. Liam gave me the cutest half awake smile. We landed and we all trudged off the plane still really tried. Black cars came and picked us up to drive us to the hotel. Liam grabbed my phone again and plugged in his number. He gave it back to me and we both got in the same car. While we were driving he grabbed my hand and held it in his. I tried to pretend like it was no big deal, but come on. When Liam James Payne holds your hand it's a big deal. We got to the hotel and everyone flopped on their beds. Thea and I went into our room. We tried to sleep, but it was hard when 3,000 girls were screaming. I finally just caved and got up. Liam texted me saying were going to dinner soon. I put On some fresh clothes that looked decent and told Thea to get up. I walked into Liam's room and I probably should have knocked because when I walked in he was standing shirtless in the middle of the room. I backed out and slowly closed the door. Hopefully he didn't see me. Then he came into our room to tell us were leaving. I looked down over the railings of our rooms and I asked Liam how are we going to get through that. He looked down and said that's no big deal. He grabbed my hand and said just keep holding my hand. We went down in the elevator and tried to make our way through the crowd. Some girls pulled my hair and a million photographers took pictures of me. When we finally made it into the car I looked like a wreck. We drove to this little Italian restraunt and ate. We finished and went back to the hotel, once again having to make our way through the hoard of girls. Liam dragged me into his room and we say on his bed and talked for a little bit. Then he kissed me it didn't last long, but it was just, just, just, amazing, but then Niall walked in.

~Niall's POV~

You know when your dog dies or a close family member does that's what it felt like. I quickly walked away and ran into my room. Oh my gosh they have only known each other for 2 days! Uggggghhhh! I punched the wall, which was not a great idea because I hurt my hand, bad. I looked over to the door and saw Hadley there. Great just great I thought to myself. She slowly walked over to me and held my hand. Are you ok she asked with her silky smooth voice. Yeah it's fine. Niall……um…do you like me? I should have said no but I blurted out yes. Ok I like you. She looked into my eyes as I watched her searching mine for more answers. Then she kissed me and walked out, not looking back. I brushed my lips, they had a tingly sensation. Was that normal?

~Hadley's POV~

I skipped Liam's room and went into my own. Oh my gosh what is wrong with me! I can't just go kissing other guys when someone else kissed me! OMG I screwed this up. This is a total mess.

-Next Day

I woke up feeling better. I still didn't know what I was going to do about the whole situation yet, but I felt good. I walked into Liam's room and laid next to him, watching him sleep. Then I moved on to Niall's, doing the same thing. I needed to get my feelings together. I tried to leave Niall's room, but his arms wrapped around me. He started tickling me and I couldn't stop laughing. Then he stopped and kissed me. I don't know why but I kissed him back. We kissed for what seemed like forever. Then he pulled back and smiled at me and I smiled back. He laid down and I laid down on his chest listening to his breathing. And in that moment all I could think about was Niall.

I left a few minutes later after he fell asleep again and was going to go to my room, but then someone grabbed me from behind. He threw me onto the bed and surprise, surprise it was Liam, shirtless. He looked at me for awhile and fixed my hair. I was in a dazed stare and then he kissed me. I kissed back, but it didn't feel the same. But still in that moment all I could think about was Liam.

Later that afternoon it was time for another one of their concerts. Me and Thea stayed and watched from a room on a television. Again it was amazing. Since we were alone for a little while, while they were doing their meet and greet me and Thea just talked. She said her and Calum were doing good and she knows this is the one. She asked me about the situation and I told her the while thing. Which one are you going to choose? I don't know. But I knew this was a start of something great.

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