Bullied and Broken

When 15 year old Destiny Robertson looses all her friends, then her boyfriend and is being bullied over the internet and at school, she doesn't want to keep going, so she makes a video to tell people that she won't be here much longer, but when her ex-best friend, Lilly Stevenson finds her video, will she try and help, or will she leave Destiny to commit suicide?

Find out by reading this sad book full of life lessons and drama!


1. First day back at school!

I wake up to my alarm going off... No not my alarm, Lilly is phoning. I answer sleepily. "Hey Lil' what's up?" I croak. I'm can hear her sighing at the other end of the phone. "Destiny, can you please get up! I'm in your living room waiting for you!" She says almost yelling.

"I'm up! I'll be down in 5!" I say quickly. I throw on my school clothes - black pleated skirt, black heeled boots with knee high socks, white blouse, black cardigan and black leather jacket - I pull a brush through my hair and quickly out a braid down it. I brush my teeth, grab my phone and my school bag and run downstairs. I see Lilly sitting watching Peppa Pig with my 4 year old sister, Rose. I grab Lilly's hand and quickly grab 2 apples from our fruit-bowl an hand one to Lilly as we leave the house. "Bye mum! Bye dad!" I yell as the door shuts. I link arms with Lilly and we bite through our apples. "So what's going on with you and Delly?" She asks me. (Scott Delly is my boyfriend but Lilly calls him Delly). "It's been great! For my birthday he took me to see a movie, and then out for a really romantic lunch! I can't believe it's been 3 years already" I say sighing happily. Lilly squeals in excitement. "I wish I had a boyfriend as hot and sweet as Delly" she giggles. I nudge her a little and we laugh as we walk into the school gates.

After school Lilly and I head to my house. We have a tradition that every Monday and Friday, Lilly stays at my house for the night, and every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday I stay at Lilly's house. It's been going on since we were 7, and that's been 8 years! ••• Lilly and I get to my door and I see Scott standing there. "Hey Delly!" Giggles Lilly. I roll my eyes at her and kiss Scott gently. (He's just a normal looking boy, brown hair, dark, brown, dreamy eyes, full lips and an amazing body shape!). He puts his arms around my waste and I hug him tightly. "Wanna go out?" He asks me. I smile but then frown. "What about Lilly?" I ask. Scott looks at Lilly.

"Hey Stevenson, wanna go out on a double date?" He asks her. (They basically call each other by their second name. He calls me Dest, but so does everyone, even my teachers!). Lilly laughs a little. "With who? The imaginary man?" She asks laughing. Scott quickly pulls out his phone and gets a picture up of a boy. "This is my friend, Andrew Freeman. He's already agreed, so you need to" says Scott smiling. The picture is a blonde boy with bright blue eyes and lips like Scott's but slightly thinner. "Ooh, Delly, he's even cuter than you" she says giggling.

"Oh please, no one is as cute as me" he says flipping his hair back and laughing. "OK, where are we going?" I ask Scott. He taps his nose.

"It's a secret! I'll pick you both up at 7!" He's says as he leaves my garden and drives away in his car. Technically he's a year under age, he's 17 which is 2 years older than me, but my parents like him. I laugh at Lilly's face as we walk inside my house to get ready. "You so like that boy!" I squeal excitedly. "I do not!" She refuses. I raise my eyebrows at her and in the end she starts to laugh. "I haven't even met him, right now all I know is that he's hot!" She whispers in a sexy type voice. I laugh at her and open my closet. I share a lot of my clothes with Lilly when she's here and she shares clothes with me when I'm at her house. I pull out a knee length white dress that has a red flowery pattern at the bottom, a thick red belt and a red collar. I pull it on and find some white wedges to go with it. I also have a red leather jacket so I pull that on and let Lilly do a French braid through my long brown hair. She also does my makeup. She puts black gel liner on my eyes, black mascara, red and white eye shadow and bright red lipstick. We laugh as I pout and kiss her cheek, leaving a red kiss mark on her face.

Lilly has a simple knee length white dress with a black collar and a black leather jacket. She pulls on black wedges and does her hair the same as mine, and her makeup is gel liner, mascara and white and black eyeshadow with the same bright lipstick as me. I see a black and white bow on my bedside table and run over and pull Lilly with me. I push it up in her hair and put a plain black one in mine. "Perfect!" I say as we wait in my room and think about where we're going.

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