Life is what a simple teen goes through. Read as a young 8th grader faces challenges and jumps through hoops to get through his childish life. As he tries different things to cure the pain he has after the death of his grandfather or his dad trying to turn him into something he's not. Reading this story, you might also find a connection.


1. Pilot

        The only thing that drives me from insanity is the pounding of this basketball hitting the cement. When does it all end? As I stare up at the orange street light placed just a good forty feet away from the front-ish back door of our home. "Crap!" I see the headlights of my dad's truck as he starts pulling into the driveway. I throw the basketball down and run inside as fast as possible hoping I wasn't spotted. Breathing heavily, I crawl under the covers of my futon, closing my eyes, I wait for my father to walk in to make sure I was asleep. He opens my door not even looking inside as he walks to the end of the hallway to his room where my mom is sound asleep. I can't wait until I leave this place. I stare into his bedroom light as his door shuts and the sound of running water from his shower bead down onto the shower floor. Then, the lids of my eyes start to fall slowly down until I was shuttered into complete darkness.

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