Life is what a simple teen goes through. Read as a young 8th grader faces challenges and jumps through hoops to get through his childish life. As he tries different things to cure the pain he has after the death of his grandfather or his dad trying to turn him into something he's not. Reading this story, you might also find a connection.


2. Mornings

Our family never was known for our morning mood. I wake to the yelling of my mother from her room as it is directed to me, "Danny! Get up it's time for school! Your going to be late!" Ah, those white lies just to wake me up. I knew it was only thirty minutes after six. I finally get up after five minutes of deep thought and slide on my khakis, then, grabbing my collared shirt and black belt. Our school is full of shit, I always think. They make us dress up, and for what purpose? To look good? I then migrate into the bathroom to lay down my hair into my natural flip that most other boys wear. Afterwards, I slide on my shoes and backpack and wait in the living room for everyone else. My mother starts her angry mood swing by yelling at me for doing something she thought she tol me to do. She seems to find anything and everything in the world to bitch about. I sometimes think maybe if she was dead things would be ten times better. She drags me and my two younger sisters into the truck with her low swearing and cranks up the pale white F-150 to speed up the long driveway and onto the road to our bus stop. We wait for our bus to pull up as I watch the other kids who ride my bus pull up. Then, the long yellow tube on wheels flies past the trees and pulls to a stop before us. I open the heavy door and walk onto the bus full of cursing kids and teens talking about the latest Facebook rant. I take my seat and prop up my feet and start into a conversation talking like a big adult I think I am. We finally pull up to the school and load off for breakfast. After I eat, I go into the gym to meet up with my 'friends'. Notice the quotes. I then listen to their conversation about "Whose the Biggest Whore in Eighth Grade".
Then, I move onto my locker after the sound of the bell and grab my things for first period. 


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