The Worlds are Falling Apart

There is a plot. A plan. To destroy everything in light of a new path. Of course, such a thing can not be allowed. To face this monstrosity of a cult, an army of sorts must be built.


1. Prologue

Is it wrong to kill?

Is it wrong to wipe from the world countless lives for the prolongation of one individual?

Is it wrong to not feel the slightest touch of remorse for the bodies slain by ones own hands?

Probably. But then, humans are selfish creatures: no matter how good natured, one would surrender the lives of many if it meant that their own, and maybe those closest to them, would continue. No matter how much they believed in their own moral compass, if the time came, they would betray themselves to such a sin.

Such thoughts were mused upon by the mind of a girl who ran across the night, unseen, unheard. Even if it was human nature, the endless slaughter still weighed down against her. A weight that she wanted to shift from herself. It wasn’t so much regret that she felt for people’s lives, more that the lifestyle was not so much of a pleasant one.

Leaping from the roof tops she sprinted, she began to slow, her form shifting as she did. Within a matter of seconds, her hair changed shape and colour, now chin length and brown; her face filling out and creasing to become that of a middle age caucasian woman.

She slowed to the front of a door labeled 64 by rusty metal numbers. Observing her surroundings, thinking of possible routes, the layout of the street was curious to the imposter; houses placed in a rather strange manor, irregular street lights attempting unsuccessfully to light the cluttered way.

Her left arm rose up to the right, slipping inside the warmth of her sleeve. She smiled fondly as her finger was touched by a cool and sharp edge. Opening the unlocked door with a sigh, she passed her mind through the things she would say, the mannerisms this woman had, reviewing how to go about collecting her information.

“Darling~~~! I’m hooooome~~~! I got home early, isn’t that great?” too bad the wolf has sniffed you out.

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