The Fan Girl

For the first time...
I felt free,
like no one could touch me,
he was mine,
and I was his fan girl...

but you have to wake up sometimes


5. Sneakers and a Dress

I groaned at the fact I couldn't reach the zipper on the back of my dress, I looked like a turtle trying to bite something on the top of its shell. Hopeless, disappointing, and pure YouTube material.

I felt a hand touch the zipper and looked in the mirror in front of me to see mom smiling back at me, as she zipped it up.

I smiled and turned around hugging her.

"I love you"

I said, I felt her hug me tighter.

"I love you too, Mia, so much"

Mia, yup that's my name, did I not mention that earlier? Whoops?

I pulled back and saw her wipe at her eyes ruffly.

Then squeeze my hand and exit the room letting me know, I should finish getting ready.

I sighed, leaving her is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done.

I looked over to the heels I had placed on the bed and scrunched my noes in consideration, then let my eyes drift to my pair of black chuck taylor's that we're sitting in the corner...

I smiled grabbing the heels and tossing them into my closet while snatching the comfy sneakers and pulling them on.

I stood up and walked over to my full body mirror...

Was this me?

I had a short cream coloured dress on that was tight at the boobs and flowy at the waist to the thighs, with a sweet heart neckline.

With my chocolate brown hair curled and bangs braided.

And Haha my black chuck taylor's of course...

Now here's the tricky part...the make up.

Can't have too much, but my god, you can't have too little.

I decided to just go with the smoky eye look, with some cover up.

Not too fancy, but not to trashy.

I smiled at myself in the mirror grabbing my graduation outfit and taking off down the stairs.

As you can see I'm a little excited.

I stopped at the bottom when I felt moms eyes on me.

"Sneakers and A Dress?"

She smirked, I smiled bashfully and shrugged giving her a quick hug and sprinting to the car.


The school was packed! Cars taking up every parking spot, which caused me to angrily have to park behind the school, causing another 5 minute walk to the doors!

I don't do exercise, get my drift?

Walking in to the school felt weird, though I hate, and I mean hate to say it...I sorta feel like I'm gonna miss this place...a TINY bit.

The halls were crowded with family's talking, laughing and congratulating kids, and the graduation ceremony hasn't even started.

I heaved my way through the hall, causing some annoyed looks, which I just pushed past.

I glanced at the clock to see it was 9 pm, graduation should start any minute now.

I walked towards the door we were assigned to meet at for the entrance of our graduates.

I quickly slipped on my graduation robe and placed my hat onto my head pulling the string over, so it was hanging on my left side, and lined up in between Tracy Lundon and Mark Goldworth.

I let out a shaky breathe, I was never a good one for attention, I hate even presenting to the class...every since I hurled after trying to sing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' in grade 5...

But let's just, uh let that go, shall we...cause I don't ever, EVER wanna remember that again.

I snapped out of my embarrassing memories when I saw Tracy moving forward, along with the rest of the Senior Graduates...

My hands became clammy as I saw the gym doors open and the music pour into my ears...

This is it...

I'm finally graduating...

After all these years...

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