The Fan Girl

For the first time...
I felt free,
like no one could touch me,
he was mine,
and I was his fan girl...

but you have to wake up sometimes


4. Last Day

Last Day,

I never thought I'd live through this year long enough to say that.

Graduations tonight.

And I hoping for it to go by quick, so I could get the hell out of this school, with my diploma tucked under my arm and my middle finger shooting up to say goodbye to the building formed by the Devil himself.

I heaved a relieved sigh out as the hallways were empty.

I had skipped gym class just to clean my locker out so I could be out of this place quick and quiet. Not that I really minded skipping the class...I didn't know if my eyes could take another sight of Mr.Bakes short shorts...the man needs help.

I ripped all the posters of him down from the inside of my locker door, and had managed to stuff all my books and clothes into my bag.

I let the trash I held in my hand drop into the garbage can, finally finishing the job.

This is it.

One more bell, then I'm out of here till graduation...then I'm REALLY gone.

I've decided to just use my college money for London, cause I don't think the flight assistants will be letting me on the plane, with a ticket bought by a large amount of IOU's and coins.

I've talked to mom and she's okay with everything, though she seemed a little sad...I just HAD to do this.

I can't spend another second of my life saying...What If?...I just CAN'T.

The last bell chorused through the entire school, causing happy screams to erupt from the classrooms, I smiled, holding the strap of my bag on my shoulder.

I walked to the door and out before the madness exploded through the entire school.

This was It...

It's Finally Graduation Night...

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