The Fan Girl

For the first time...
I felt free,
like no one could touch me,
he was mine,
and I was his fan girl...

but you have to wake up sometimes


6. It's Over

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the graduating class of 2013!"

Its as if time slowed down, everything around me was in slow motion.

the people jumping into eachothers arms, the mouths wide open with joy and laughter, even the hats that had been thrown up into the air.

I sat in my seat and watched it...

Its Over...

Its all Over...

Im offically free to do as I please, wherever or whenever I please...

I snapped back to reality and jumped out of my seat throwing my arms into the air and screaming with joy, as does the others.

music blasts through the speakers and balloons are released on top of us along with streamers and confetti.

I danced around laughing at how happy everyone was.

I suddenly stopped in place when I caught eye contact with Brady Thornsville, a person who I never thought id even gain the courage to look at or even speak to ever again.

my grade 10-11 summer love, who broke my heart and stomped on it, after I caught him in the closet with Rebecca Worldtimes...dick move right?

I slowly smiled at him, causing him to do the same.

that doesn't matter anymore, I'm mature now,

grown up,

I'm moving on and letting go, of everything.

This Is my Night,

and NOTHING is gonna ruin this Moment...



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