His Doll

"Hmm.. How much to have someone like you tied onto my leash?" The curly haired man with piercing green eyes asked.
"It isn't a small price." I grin.
He came closer to me and walked his fingers down my collarbone, causing me to get shivers.
"Name it." He whispered into my ear.
♡ A Harry Styles fan fiction ♡


3. Chapter 3 ♡

♡ Madison's P.O.V ♡

When I get upstairs, my master points toward a door that's at the end of the hallway. I walk to it, and open the door. Inside, there is a huge king size bed that takes up almost half of the room. There's a flat screen tv hanging up on the wall, a jacuzzi in the corner of the room, and a bathroom connected to the room.

I hear the door shut behind me, and a hand squeeze my behind. I turn around to the curly haired man, and he's smirking.

"Lie down." He commands.

"Okay, i'm just going to take my shoes off.." I bend down to remove my heel until my master stops me.

"No, no.. I'll do that." He bites his lip.

"Just lie down, and i'll take care of everything from there." He adds.

I nod and lie down on the gigantic bed. He removes his black shirt off, and that's when I notice all of his inked tattoos. It makes him look even more attractive, and I can't help it but admire the way the black ink runs across his chest.

He climbs onto the bed, and licks his lips. He brings on of my legs up and strokes his finger up and down my bare leg until he decides to take the heel off. Once he has it off, he does the same for the other.

"Turn over." He speaks.

I do so, and he unzips my dress slowly and teasingly. Once it's unzipped and thrown across the room, I turn back around. I'm now only in my red bra, and black panties.

My master looks me up and down and he bites his lip. He slides his black jeans off, and drops them to the floor. He then pulls down the side of my panties, and brings them down to my ankles. Opening up my legs, he brings his face into my opening and enters his tounge. Flicking his tounge around in a repeative motion makes my eyes roll back and I begin to tug at his hair.

"Tug harder my Maddy." He groans while continuing to lick my sweetness.

I tug his hair harder and he moans. After a few more strokes from the tounge, he brings his head up from between my legs.

"Mmm, my Maddy.. You taste so good." He smirks.

I feel my legs try to tighten together, but my master splits them open.

"I'm not done yet my Maddy." He licks his lips.

He reaches over to his dresser and pulls out a packet. Tearing open the pack, he pulled the rubber out and handed it to me.

"Do me the pleasure?" He winks.

I grab the condom from his hand and lift myself up. My master lays himself up from my body, and lies down on his back. I walk my fingers up his leg and place the rubber onto his hardness. I roll it onto him slowly, and he groans.

"My Maddy.. Don't.. Don't tease me." He growls.

I chuckle and finish rolling on the condom. My master gets off of his back, and pushs me back.

"I'll try not to hurt you." He smirks.

He holds his weight up with his muscular arms and enters himself into me. He starts to rock his hardness into me, rubbing in and out.

I arch my back, and feel my eyes roll back.

"Say my name my Maddy."

"Fuckkk.. Masterrr." I moan while he continues to quicken up the pace.

I pull hard at his curly hair and he groans. Once he filled up the condom, he fell onto me and began breathing deeply.

"My Maddy, that was your punishment." He says while cupping one of my breasts into his hand.

I don't see it as much as a punishment, but hey.. If the shoe fits.

I feel my eyes become heavy, and I drift off to sleep..

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