His Doll

"Hmm.. How much to have someone like you tied onto my leash?" The curly haired man with piercing green eyes asked.
"It isn't a small price." I grin.
He came closer to me and walked his fingers down my collarbone, causing me to get shivers.
"Name it." He whispered into my ear.
♡ A Harry Styles fan fiction ♡


2. Chapter 2 ♡

♡ Madison's P.O.V ♡

"You start tonight." The curly haired boy licks his lips.

"Okay.." I nod.

"C'mon, my car's right outside." He walks me out, and we get into his car.

Once I get in, it smells like mint. It's quite an attractive smell, and I think I could get used to it. He starts the car and begins to drive off.

"So, what's your name sweetheart?" He asks while rubbing his hand on my thigh while driving.

"Madison.. It's, um.. Madison." I stutter because of his touch.

"Don't be nervous baby.. You'll have to get used to this. Madison.. Hmm, i'm going to call you my Maddy."

My face grows in disgust at the nickname he has chosen for me.

"Ew, no.. Madison's fine."

He begins to chuckle while he continues to stroke his hand up and down my inner thigh.

"You don't get it.. Do you babe? From now on, your my property. Mines. And i'm naming my property.. My Maddy." He bites his lip and glances at me before looking back towards the street.

I just nod and he finally pulls into a driveway. My pupils become giant by looking at the view of the house i'm seeing.

"This.. This is your house?" My eyes stay focused on the overly sized house. Or mansion I should say.

"My Maddy.. This is your new home until the deal is over." He grins while putting the car in park.

"Woah.." I exit the car and walk up the pathway leading to the mansion door.

He walks up behind me and unlocks the door. I walk in, and to my surprise.. It looks even bigger inside. Everything is only black and white, making it look very clean and formal.

"You live here all by yourself?" I ask while glancing around a bit more.

"Yes my Maddy.. All alone. But at the moment, no." He chuckles.

"Hey, what's your name?" I ask curiously bringing my attention to him while he throws himself on the large black leather couch.

"For you.. It's master." He smirks.

Master? What a fucking joke.

"Okay Master." I say sarcastically and his face changes.

"Are you acting up already my Maddy?" He gets up from the couch and walls over to me and runs his cold finger across my lips.


"You know what happens when my Maddy acts up?"

You run your finger over my mouth?


"She gets punished. Get upstairs.. Now." He smacks my bum and I walk up the steps not knowing what's coming next.

(Sorry for the short chapter guys, i'm gunna try to update more quicker than I have been, but just bear with me! hehe, ily xx)

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