Good girl (justin bieber)

Malia Johnson was a good girl. She has straight A's and goes to church. Justin is your bad boy. He is a player what if their path meet?


1. The first day

" Malia time for school!" I groan as I have the cover pulled off me. " 5 more minutes." " No up!" I get up and take a shower. I put on black leggings a pink sweater and uggs. I put my brown hair into a messy bun. " Malia Eden Johnson hurry up or else." my mom yelled. I live with my mom, my dad is in a war. " Coming!" I grab my phone and called my best friend Danielle. 



D=Danielle   M=Malia



M:Hey Chica! 

D:Hey are you gonna pick me up?

M: Yeah i'll be at yours in 5.


I walked out to my car and saw him the one who hurts me with words and beats me.I hid behind a bush so he wouldn't see me. And he didn't see me. I yelled and pumped my fist in the air. He saw me shit! I ran as fast as i could to my car and drove off.  As soon as i reached Dani's I yelled at her to get in the car. " What happend?" " I saw him Dani he had a leather jacket and all these tattoos and he looked scarier than before."  " Mali who the hell are you talking about." "Justin." I sighed. Her mouth dropped. " I thought he was in jail." " I guess not." " Girl your going to have to run." " I can't Dani." " And why the hell can't you." "I'm scared." " Listen Mali we have been friends since birth I trust you to make this decision."  "I'm not leaving" I thought it was the right idea. " Okay girl."








I walk to my locker. Then a boy comes and snakes his hands around my waist. " Remeber me shawty." " Justin."  " The one and only."  Suddenly the halls cleared. " Since you ran away from me your getting a punishment."  He shoves my head into my locker and hits the door against my head. He punched me in the throat.  I started to cry. " nobody can help you now."  " Hey stop." It was Dani. She started to jump on him. But she got knocked out. " Dani!" I yelled before the darkness took over me.



Hey guys I hope you like my story so far I will update later so hang on.









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