From the city of Angels

Hi my name is Elizabeth Hale. I was walking a long the sea shore when I saw a boy moving the water with his hand! I started walking closer when I heard a twig snap underneath my feet. Crap! I knew he heard me cause he turned around with fright, but thankfully I jumped behind a large boulder before he saw me. I heard him call out, "Who's there"? As he lifted the water like he was going to knock down who ever appeared answering his call. My body shook with fear as I stayed hidden. Who is this mysterious and magical boy?.... Will he find Elizabeth?.....


2. working and surfing

I woke up to my phone blasting 'party in the USA' I got out of my warm comfy bed to get my stupid ringing phone off the kitchen counter. I picked up in an annoyed voice

"what?" I heard from the other line

"is this Elizabeth?" oops. I realized that voice as Conner's voice

 "oh hey sorry, I just woke up. what's up?" I heard him respond with a chuckle

"oh haha, hi. well I am just calling to say... you got the job!" once I heard that a smile crept upon my face.

 " really cool, when do I start?" I say happily.

"could you come in today? Liam can show you around and explain everything to you then you can start working with pay, maybe tomorrow?" asked Conner.

 "ok, that would be great!" I said

"ok, ye see you in 1h. Bye!" exclaimed Conner.

"Bye!" I shouted back.

wow! I just realized I only have about 45minutes to get ready! I scrambled to get my American eagle pink surf styled tank top and dark blue skinny jeans, then jumped into the shower. I dried off after my shower and got dressed slipping on my black converse, applying light make up, eye liner, lip gloss and perfume. I grabbed a banana off the counter while running out the front door. I walked along the beach, as the wind blew through my hair I thought about Liam, yes he Is cute but I know I cant trust him quite yet. I definitely have not forgotten about the water incident. I saw the small shop ahead, I smiled at the thought that I could be near the beach every day.

I opened the door and the little bell rung just as it did yesterday. I smiled and waved hello to Liam. Liam waved back and motioned for me to wait 1 second then he left. as I waited I took in my surroundings this shop was a small cozy little place with surf boards, boogie boards, goggles, beach towels, beach chairs, souvenirs and beach toys and pretty much any thing that you would see at any normal beach shop but this place seemed special and I think it's perfect! Liam came back,

"Conner has instructed me to show you around and tell you every thing you need to know" he said with a kind smile. I smiled back and followed him around the shop, he showed me everything then he said,

"well you are a fast learner and I expected this to take longer, I have nothing else to show you around here so do you want to go to the café next door?" I thought about it then said

"sure why not"

we walked to the café next door it looked pretty nice. I got the Philly cheese steak sandwich with potato chips and root beer and Liam got the hamburger with fries and coke, I started to get money out when Liam stopped me and said

"my treat" I blushed and smiled while saying a quick

"thank you." He paid then we walked outside to the shaded tables. as we approached a table he set down the tray with the food on it and pulled out my chair for me

"what a gentleman" I joked in a posh accent. he chuckled and handed me my food and said and joked back

"here's your food ma'lady" I giggled and kept on the act...

"why thank you kind sir" we both chuckled and ate our food.

we finished our food and put our trash in the garbage, I didn't want our time together to end quite yet and I could tell Liam didn't either. so I asked Liam,

"do you surf?" he smiled and replied

"yes, do you?"

"yes" I smiled back and said. Liam then asked

"do you want to go surfing with me?"

"sure" I said we raced each other back to the shop. I put on my  bathing suit and so did Liam we grabbed two of the rental surf boards and ran into the water splashing along as we went. we paddled out, and then I saw a small wave grow huge I saw Liam concentrating on the wave then I saw his hand doing what it was doing this morning. I realized he was forming the wave! so I hopped on my board and started paddling so did Liam as I stood on my board gliding across the water Liam then smacked his hand near the water and boosted ahead of me I rolled my eyes knowing he used his magic thing but he didn't know I knew so I just went along with it as we climbed out of the water upon the shore.

"that was an awesome wave wasn't it!" I exclaimed

"yeah, I love surfing" he said.

"well its been a long day, I should probably get home now, thanks for the great day!" I said to Liam

"ok see you bright and early tomorrow" he replied. I waved as I started my walk home. I got home and went to bed.


hi every one hope you like this chapter I worked really hard on it and tried to make it longer :)-ana


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