From the city of Angels

Hi my name is Elizabeth Hale. I was walking a long the sea shore when I saw a boy moving the water with his hand! I started walking closer when I heard a twig snap underneath my feet. Crap! I knew he heard me cause he turned around with fright, but thankfully I jumped behind a large boulder before he saw me. I heard him call out, "Who's there"? As he lifted the water like he was going to knock down who ever appeared answering his call. My body shook with fear as I stayed hidden. Who is this mysterious and magical boy?.... Will he find Elizabeth?.....


1. my life

hi my name is Elizabeth Hale.  my friends call me beth. I'm 16 years old. I have brown hair and brown eyes and i'm 5ft 4in. I love swimming and my favorite place to be is or and near the ocean. any way....


I awoke at  6:30 so I could go job hunting and hopefully find one that I love, is near the beach, and am capable of doing. as I was walking along the beach I saw a boy raising the water with his hand and making many different shapes. I was amazed and confused at the same time what the heck is that?!?!  I thought to my self. as I wandered closer I heard a twig snap beneath my feet, Crap! luckily I jumped behind a near by boulder as I saw him jolt around in surprise, then he shouted

"who's there?" as I peaked around the boulder I saw him raise the swirling ball of water ready to strike any one who answered his call. is he stupid, if some one is magically doing some weird thing with water and is ready to strike you with a huge boulder water thing, then why in the world would you come out of your safe hiding place?  after a few minutes he turned around and continued doing his weird water thing as I quietly snuck away.

I walked to a beach shop where I had scheduled and interview. the little bell rung as I walked through the doors and continued to the to the check out desk. as the boy looked up who was playing temple run in a blue polo with the shops logo and a little name tag below reading 'Liam' as he looked up I noticed it was the boy from the beach I had encounterd earlier this morning. I smiled and said

"is the store manger here?" trying to not show any emotion of fear of him. he replied and smiled back,

"yes, but I can help you find a certain item if there is one you are searching for specific one." I quickly answered

"oh, um... well could you get him for me im here for an interview, you know for a job." he chuckled and said "ok, just give me a minute and I will be right back" then he walked away to get the manager. while he went to get the manager I began to think about him, he is pretty cute (blush) :) I was pulled out of my thoughts when Liam came back with a guy following him, I am assuming he is the manager. as the two boys approached me I smiled and said a quick

"hello" they smiled back. on the managers name tag it read 'Conner' in black bold letters and he wore the same outfit as Liam.


Conner asked me to follow him, as we sat down on a little beach set up. he asked me some questions like: my age, why I want to work in his shop and what days I would be able to work on. I answered them as he scribbled down notes on a clip board, he asked me to give him my phone number so he could call me tomorrow and let me know if I got the job or not. I did as I was asked then stood up, shook his hand and waved to Liam, who was sitting on a stool near the small check out desk, then walked out the door. I walked along the beach for a good 20 minutes. I could see my small apartment ahead, as I aproched it I dug around in my purse for my keys. I pulled them out then unlocked the door, I entered the small building walking to my room, I changed into my pj's and crawled into my bed and fell asleep.


ok so I know this is a short chapter but this is my first movella so please comment, like, and favorite! :)   -Ana


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