From the city of Angels

Hi my name is Elizabeth Hale. I was walking a long the sea shore when I saw a boy moving the water with his hand! I started walking closer when I heard a twig snap underneath my feet. Crap! I knew he heard me cause he turned around with fright, but thankfully I jumped behind a large boulder before he saw me. I heard him call out, "Who's there"? As he lifted the water like he was going to knock down who ever appeared answering his call. My body shook with fear as I stayed hidden. Who is this mysterious and magical boy?.... Will he find Elizabeth?.....


6. he left as soon as he came

I woke up early to get ready Liam is going to take me out to lunch before he brings me to the airport. I am so excited to see Jake I haven't seen him in two months and I miss my little bro. I got dressed in my white with pink polka dots summer dress and white flats with little pink bows at the tip I twirled around near my mirror while looking at my reflection. I got my luggage and set it beside the front door and grabbed my purse and applied mascara. ready to go.

after about 5 minutes I heard a knock on the door, I opened the door to see a smiling Liam. I said hello while Liam picked up my luggage he mumbled something but I couldn't quite hear what he said

"what" I asked

"I said I am going on the X-factor in a couple days." he said I was surprised but happy for him

"that's great Liam!" I exclaimed he started to tear up

"but, Beth we cant be together if I make it through" he sobbed. by now we arrived at Chick-fil-A and I was so confused

"why cant we be together?" I asked a tear falling down my cheek

"long distance never works Beth, we both know that and I am so sorry but if I have to choose, I am picking my dreams over you" those words tore me apart then I said

" am I not part of your dreams then?" sadly I fell in love with some one I really didn't know.

"no, Beth that's not what I meant..."

"no" I said

"what?" he asked

"NO!!!" I wailed "just bring me to the air port" I whispered with tears streaming down my face.

"are you sure?" he questioned

"yes, please Liam. just bring me there now!" I said still crying

he was my first true love yeah i've had crushes and gone on dates but I truly loved Liam it broke my heart but I knew I have now lost his heart forever.

we arrived at the airport. Liam unloaded my bags from his trunk then handed me my plane ticket out of his pocket then he embraced me in a hug and whispered

"I will always love you" I hugged him tighter kissed him on the cheek then climb onto the plane.


(skip plane ride)


I got off the plane, got my bags and called a cab to come get me and bring me home.

"where to miss ?" the driver asked 

"4635 parker lane 78024" I replied giving him my parents house address. I hopped in the cab. we drove for about 30 minutes then I saw my old house in view I pointed it out to the guy and he nodded pulling into my drive way.

"that would be $56.80 mam" I handed him the money grabbed all my belongings and walked up to the front door and knocked... the door slowly opened I saw my mom standing there but when she saw me her face lit up with happiness

"hey mom" I said

"oh my gosh is it really you baby?" she asked

"yes mom I am home" I said

"yea! my baby is home!" she exclaimed

I went up to my old room and unpacked. I decided I would go visit Jake. I grabbed my hot pink motor cycle helmet and got on my matching motor cycle the started to drive to the hospital. I was there in less than 10 minutes I walked into the hospital and went to the front desk......


hey every one hope you all like the story :) - Ana






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