From the city of Angels

Hi my name is Elizabeth Hale. I was walking a long the sea shore when I saw a boy moving the water with his hand! I started walking closer when I heard a twig snap underneath my feet. Crap! I knew he heard me cause he turned around with fright, but thankfully I jumped behind a large boulder before he saw me. I heard him call out, "Who's there"? As he lifted the water like he was going to knock down who ever appeared answering his call. My body shook with fear as I stayed hidden. Who is this mysterious and magical boy?.... Will he find Elizabeth?.....


3. first day

I woke up to my alarm clock ringing. I got up and did my normal morning routine after taking a warm shower. by now it is 7:00am and I have to get to work by 8:00 so I made myself a plate of pancakes. I ate the warm fluffy pancakes then put my dishes in the sink. it was now 7:30 so I went out the door locking it behind me. I walked down the beach ready for the long day of work ahead of me.

I entered the small shop and I was greeted by Liam.

"hey, Liam."

"hi Beth. ready for work?" I just nodded my head. we walked behind the counter waiting for customers to come into the shop.

"so..." I said awkwardly.

"you want to hangout after work like maybe as a...a... d-date?" he stuttered I smiled and said while blushing "sure." then thankfully a customer came in braking the awkward silence.

"Hi, do you have any carrots?" asked the mysterious customer

"no, but the café next door probably has some" I answered.

"why do you need carrots...?" I asked curiously and pausing because I didn't know his name.

"because I love carrots duh! oh my name is Louis by the way love" he said with a cheeky wink I saw Liam tense up and clench his fists beside me I giggled slightly at him being jealous.

"oh, ok well I'm Elizabeth, nice to meet you." I said politely

"nice to meet you Elizabeth, can I call you Beth? oh and can I have your number we should hang out some time, as friends of course don't want your boyfriend to explode." he whispered the last part in my ear I gave him my number, giggled and said with a smile

 "of course you can call me Beth" he left waving to me as he exited the shop.

once the door closed Liam imitated Louis " we don't want your boyfriend to explode!" then he rolled his eyes grumpily

"Liam he is just being friendly and plus we have a date tonight" I said winking at him then a smile crept across his face as he embraced me in a hug

"why yes, yes we do" he said. I smiled and nodded

people came in and out throughout the day. after hours of working the day was finally over.

"so.. is seven o'clock ok with you?" asked Liam

"yea sounds good, what should I wear?" I asked

"something warm and comfy" he said

"ok" I said while waving behind me to Liam then I started my walk home. I wonder where were going? I thought to my self

once I got home I realized it was already 6pm so I hurried to my room and got dressed in my dark blue skinny jeans then put on a long sleeve green t-shirt and grabbed a jacket, shoes and my purse then applied mascara, blush, eye shadow and lip gloss. now i'm ready with about one minute to spare. Liam should be here any minute...


ok that is all for this chapter. what do you think will happen on there date? hope you all like where this story is going so please like, favorite and comment -ana :)

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