From the city of Angels

Hi my name is Elizabeth Hale. I was walking a long the sea shore when I saw a boy moving the water with his hand! I started walking closer when I heard a twig snap underneath my feet. Crap! I knew he heard me cause he turned around with fright, but thankfully I jumped behind a large boulder before he saw me. I heard him call out, "Who's there"? As he lifted the water like he was going to knock down who ever appeared answering his call. My body shook with fear as I stayed hidden. Who is this mysterious and magical boy?.... Will he find Elizabeth?.....


8. A/N

hey every one I started writing a new book called 'never fall in love with a spy' I really would love it if you guys checked it out and I am looking for more books to read so if you want me to read yours just comment on one of my stories asking me to and I would love to thanks every one for reading my stories :) -Ana

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