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What would you do if you witnessed your fathers murder? What would you do if his murderer came after you?

This is a story of Aalia Finnicky as she struggles through her sadistic and twisted life. At the age of 15 she was stabbed - thought to be dead. At the age of 17 she stabbed back.

At the age of 18 she met Harry. He was a dark mysterious young man who seemed to come from a similar background and heading down the same path.


1. Prologue


I walked along the path, my eyes staring directly into nothing. Into darkness. The street lamps flickered every now and then which cause my eyes to ever so slightly glance upwards towards the light and then back into the darkness. A couple was walking towards me, hand in hand. I didn't budge. I walked through the middle of them.

I then came to a stop. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. The cars slowly passing by, the lights flickering every so often, a dog barking as if it had been put on pause and then fast forwarded. My eyes felt heavy. Very heavy like I hadn't had sleep in the last few days - I have, had sleep. I began walking again. Towards the town where people were still late night shopping, clueless to what I had just witnessed.

The town was darkness, the only lights coming from shop windows which layered each side of the street. People surrounded me, rushing past, running for the bus, catching their runner-way kids. They was all so clueless.

He was coming towards me. I could tell it was him because he had this distinctive white scar across his left cheek. He was walking towards me at such a speed that I thought I may faint - I didn't - but I just stood there, awaiting my destiny.

His right hand gripped tightly onto my left arm, whilst his left arm clung onto a bloodied knife. The knife he had used to kill my father - the knife he was use to kill me. Like de ja-vu, the man pushed the knife deep into my stomach. My eyes fluttered backwards as I gripped onto him for support, but he threw me to the ground. Like he did with my father, like he has done with me. My eyes where fighting to stay open, to stay awake. But every part of my mind and body wanted to go, to shut down and have done with everything.

"Someone call 999!" Someone yelled. I was lying on the pavement now, my eyes still fighting to stay open as someone caressed my cheek, a hand pressed down on where I assumed the stab wound was.

"Stay awake darlin' ambulance is on it's way" a woman's voice rang out above me. My eyes fluttered open as someone pressed down harder onto my wound. The woman who was helping me had blonde hair, curly with slight highlights.

"C'mon, where's the damn ambulance" someone else called. His voice was husky and loud. I shuddered.

"No no love... Don't close your eyes" the woman spoke "Stay with me".

I didn't. I wanted to sleep, I wanted to close my eyes. And so I did.

2 years later

I pressed my head against the back of the maroon red leather chair. A cigarette in one hand my phone in the other.

You could say I changed from being the scared little 15-year-old who was stabbed into a hardened version of myself. I looked the same, I had the same skin, the same set of eyes. I just felt immune to anything that was supposed to make me sad.

I mean, who wouldn't feel immune to such sad things if they witnessed their father murdered and then his own murderer came after me? - succeeding in stabbing me might I add - I want revenge. I want to justice my fathers life. To kill the man who killed my father.

"Aalia he's here" Jon Lindon spoke as he opened the door to the room I was sat in. I smirked and stood. Jon has been my only friend that I can rely on, and has been since I was around 6-years-old. He came from my past, he is my past, present and future.

"Tie him up" I smirked as I pressed my cigarette down into the ash tray. He smiled and nodded, running his fingers through his blonde hair before turning and making his way to the man.

I have no clue what this mans name is. I have information on him, life where he lives and how many children he has. I know that he works for the man who killed my father, and I want answers.

I made my way down a few rickety steps that led into the basement and into a dimly lit room. Only a few people worked with me, agreed with my way of thinking. But all the people who worked along side me have vengeance, they have been filled up with fire and anger that wants to erupt - which means, they aren't afraid of killing anyone who comes between me and what I want. I mean I'm not afraid to kill, but that would defeat the whole purpose of what I'm trying to do. I don't want to kill people who get in my way - I want to scare them, torture them - and when I do finally find my fathers killer, then I shall kill. Then and only then.

I walked along the stone pavements until I finally stopped outside an old brown wooden door. I gripped the door knob and made my way inside. The room was even dimmer than the hallways outside, a bulb swinging from a metal sting on the roof. Underneath that bulb was a man. The man whom I had no recognition of. The man who I knew plenty about to get what I want. The man looked in his mid thirties with dark shaved hair and bulging green eyes. I smirked and came to stand in front of him.

"You should really be careful which invitation you attend" I spoke, bending down before him so I could meet his eyes. I sent him an invitation to a whore house. Obviously he would come because what type of dirty man would refuse that? "You've just walked into a spider web my friend" I smirked. My hands reached up towards the duct tape that covered his mouth - I ripped it of, taking a few hairs from his stubble.

"Ahh, young Aalia Rose" the man smirked. I smiled and nodded.

"Surprise" I responded as I got to my feet. "Now, there's two paths we can go down" I began as I walked around him, bending down to his right ear "The easy or the hard way" the man flinched like he was trying to grab at me. But he was bound to tight.

"For now, if you correspond with me you can choose your fate" I stood and walked to his front, circling him like a shark would for its prey.

"If you don't wish to communicate then your fate is already set" I glanced behind me to one of my men. His name was Stu, tattoos reached from the tips of his fingers to his neck slightly going onto his face. I turned back to the man into the chair.

"Now..." I began. "Where is he?" I asked gently, resting my arms against his knees. The man shrugged.

"I don't know girl, I'm not his tracker" I rolled my eyes and reached my right palm out. Stu handed me a knife. I brought it to my front and twirled it between my fingers.

"Don't be difficult" I snapped. He rolled his eyes and shrugged once more.

"I. Don't. Know. Where the fuck he is" I took a breath in and pressed the tip of my knife against his leg slightly.

"Liars are not to be trusted" I pressed the knife - adding more pressure - against his leg.

"Because we know for a fact, just yesterday you was with him - so spill" the man pressed his lips together, five minutes passed and there was still no answer.

"Tell me!" I shouted as I jumped to my feet. The man laughed his head falling back slightly.

"You won't stab me - you're weak" I rolled my eyes and turned towards Stu and the other man. They began to walk over to me - ready to torture - I stopped them, whirling round and jamming the knife into his left leg.

"I wouldn't underestimate me" I hissed.

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