My child

I lost my child (by adoption), I lost a part of myself and I had to continue. I had no idea where my daughter was and I wasn't the girl who dared to think of her.


16. Getting on

Mom wasn't sure when we got home to her house. She didn't know how she would deal with Kitty and she was almost afraid of Niall. 
"That's okay." I whispered to her. "Just be yourself." 
She nodded and invited us into the kitchen. I saw that Kitty was as insecure as she was, but I knew we had to start somewhere. I sat down on a chair and immediately sat kitty in my lap. Mom was startled and almost stared at us. I knew what she was thinking. I had found my daughter and she had to accept it. 
"Nice home you have?" Niall got out to break the silence. He sat next to me and smiled at mom. She nodded a little weak, and laying out refreshments on the table. 
"Thank you, I have lived here for many years." 
Kitty took direct a cake in her hand, but hesitated. She put it back and looked up at Mom. 
"May I take one?" 
Mom laughed and nodded instantly. 
"Yes, you can take all you want."
Kitty's eyes grew big. 
"All of them?" 
I laughed and hugged her lightly. 
"Well, you get to eat a lot but not all. Your stomach will be measured." 
She agreed but was quick to pick up a big cake and she chewed on it with gusto. 
"Five years?" Mom asked. Niall nodded and smiled at her. 
"Yes, she's five years old." 
Mom hesitated and looked easy on Kitty. 
"She's quite big for her age?" 
Niall laughed a little bit and looked at me. Then he looked at Kitty and finally the mom again. 
"She's normal for her age."


Okay! Maybe it wasn't smooth between us and we were certainly not talkative, but Mom finally relaxed. We let Kitty go out through the patio and she ran around in the grass and chasing butterflies. Mom and I sat on the stairs up to the patio and Niall chose to play with Kitty. 
"He's nice." whispered mom and smiled at me. "I understand that you want them." 
I blushed and nodded. 
"He's the best father there is." 
She nodded and hesitated. 
"So you're going to move in with Niall?" 
I looked at her. The truth was that I wasn't ready yet, but maybe in the future. 
"They are my family." I said, trying to smile. "I don't want to live without Kitty, now that I have found her." 

Mom seemed to understand me. She took my hand and looked straight into my eyes. 
"Then we say so? I promise to try to be a good grandmother and I wont say mean things to you. Not now when we'll start over."


Lou called on the phone and she sounded happy. 
"I've got Harry to agree to do the tests, but just if we take back the police report today." 
I swallowed. 
"Okay, we'll do it." 
She laughed and I heard that she was in great spirits. 
"He also promised that the truth will come forth, but how, I don't know yet." 
I nodded and looked over at Niall and Kitty. Maybe it would work out? I knew I was right and I knew that Harry now had to give up. 
Lou viewed through paper. 
"The next week and then it takes a month before the test result will appear." 
I nodded. 
"Okay, we'll do so."


I sat on the couch and I heard Niall put Kitty in bed. They laughed a little and then he turned off the lamp. He came out to me and closed her door. He saw that I was tired and he smiled big. 
"Wonderful day?" 
I smiled and shook my head. 
"No one tough day." 
Niall smiled and he came over to the sofa. Without a word, he pulled me up and put me in front of him. He took his arms around me and kissed me tenderly. 
"It was a good day." he murmured, and let his hands slide over my back. I took my arms around his shoulders and smiled big. I ended the kiss and looked straight into his eyes. 
"Niall, just to let you know about it. You are her only dad, whatever will happen." 
Niall smiled and nodded. 
"I know and no one can change that."
I groaned when he pulled up my dress and his hands slid inn inside my panties. He let his hands caress my buttocks. 
"So we'll have adult time?" 
I laughed and nodded, amused. 
"Drinking wine and watch TV?" 
Niall groaned and kissed me on the neck. 
"No, the bed?" 
I smiled and felt him lifted me up in his arms. I took my legs around his waist and let him steer me towards the bedroom. 
"Adult time?" I giggled and looked into his eyes. "New word?" 
He nodded with satisfaction. 
"Yes, or do you prefer other words? Sex, love, or perhaps play?"
I landed against the mattress and immediately we were like mad. We tore off our clothes, we rolled around and Niall made ​​me end up in another state. It was as if we didn't get enough of each other and I loved every minute that passed. Niall penetrated and he took me by storm. I felt his love against me and I knew I belonged with him.


I lay on top of Niall and we breathed heavily. I saw that he was tired and whole he was sweaty. His face was red and he puffed out. I laughed a little bit and kissed him lightly on the lips. 
"So the thing with moving in together?" 
Niall was startled and just stared at me. 
"You mean what?" 
I giggled and let my hand go right over his hair. 
"I'm thinking about how it would be to move in with you." 
Niall got a smile on his face. 
"As a couple?" 
I nodded and realized that he didn't believe in me. 
"Mom asked me if I would move in with you, but I hesitated. Truth is that I'm a coward, but I want to be with you and Kitty all the time."
Niall took his arms tighter around my body and he laughed a little bit. 
"I say yes, if you don't say no." 
I laughed. 
"Then I say yes."
Niall kissed me again. He held his arms so tightly around my body and he kissed me with his whole heart. I felt loved by him and I loved him more than I could have imagined.

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