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8. "The Suffering" Review


Author: LifeOfADemigod123

Movella: The Suffering

Genre: Other 

Rating: 10/10


Sweet pickles, this movella is awesome. I highly recommend it to those who haven't read it, though it does contain a bit of violence. 

There was only a few times I saw errors, and they were almost unnoticeable, though almost every author makes mistakes. 

It's really interesting, and you kept me hooked with the scene with the cop that was threatening Ava with a gun. Greg was right. Who does that? It keeps a nice level of emotions, and it isn't like some books that has an overabundance of unnecessary romance. 

I'm sorry that this is so late, but I haven't had much time, however, now that it's summer, I'll actually get somewhere. :D

Again, I really recommend this, it is truly a good read, at least to me. Keep requesting, I have loads of free time, and I have no idea what to do then.





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