Movella Reviews

Title says all... I think....


1. Forms and Intro


I have an opinion... FEAR ME!


Haha, just kidding. OK, this will be the first time I'm doing this, and here's how it's gonna work(Kill moi if I don't do it like other people):

You can post your Movella in the comments, and I will check them out. Simple as that. ^-^


Anyways, sadly, you have to fill out an EXTREMELY short form. 

Booo, I hate forms too!

Here's an example:

Name: (You can put your real name if you want, but if you respect your privacy, just put your username.) Sweetideas101

Movella: (Dis be where you put yo book's name ^-^) D1FF3R3NT

Genre: (Optional, but it would be nice if you did, in case you didn't write a blurb) Sci Fi


Yeah, dats basically it, fellas! 


Thank you!



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