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6. "Falling for the Devil" Review


Author: Rihae Nufei 

Movella: Falling for the Devil

Genre: Romance

Rating: 9/10


Wow, I really like it! It's interesting how Verlaine makes a deal with the Devil so that Sacristan would die, but at least Verlaine feels guilty about it. It was also cool to see the diary entry. 

I loved how you described it, it was magnificent, the plot was interesting, just, WOW. 

There were only two errors, one of them was in the first paragraph. This was how it was written, "What i'm looking for, no mortal being can provide." I just want to note that you could have capitalized the 'I' in "I'm." I'm also sorry if I'm being a little harsh. Please forgive me.

The other one was during the beginning of the the diary entry. The sentence was, "It what those fuckers say." Did you mean, "it's" instead of "it"? 

Overall, the plot, setting, characters were amazing, the description was stunning, and the amount of effort put into this was evident. 






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