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7. "Different Worlds" Review


Author(s): GryffindorGirl123 and N.E. Crawford

Movella: Different Worlds

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 9/10



Like I said on a comment on your movella, I thought it was rather interesting, a triple cross-over with two of my favorite book characters ever? Sweet.

There were a couple of errors, though they were just minor.

Another user, @whitesnowybear>3cute said everything was perfect, though the first chapter wasn't the best. After reading it through again, I have to admit, whitesnowybear was right.


The story is basically about three boys- Zayn (Yes fangirls, it's Zayn Malik), Percy Jackson, and the one and only Harry Potter, and one mother, Maria, who is the mother to Percy and Harry in the fanfiction. Zayn is also granted the power to see through the Mist, and if you don't know what that is, it is a veil that hides monsters, demigods, etc. from humans, and only few can see through it.

Overall, it was interesting, and I have to say that you and your co-author did a nice job on this. Keep writing, I'm interested to see how the end turns out. If you haven't read this movella, it is a good read, though rather short. 





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