Dark Visions (1D)

just a innocent girl who gets good grades is the teachers pet or what she thought not until this boy showed up he completely changed my life

" I'm Eve And This Is Dark Visions..."


2. Umm Hi

Eve’s pov

Im Eve im 18 at collage im the only girl who is good at my grades the nerds well they are more different at my school we have the jocks, the cheerleaders, the Goth’s, the nerds, and well the bad boys the bad boys are aren’t really bad anymore since the leader harry left no one was threatened or scared at least I don’t want to see him

I went to class I sat down and started drawing just then someone poked me “mind if I sit here love” a familiar accent said I froze I looked up to see harry I stared at him “im back” he said he sat down next to me I scooted away a little and paid attention to the teacher I felt him stare at me I turned to him he turned his head fast and looked at the teacher I looked back at the teacher and wrote down notes

Later after school

I closed my locker and started walking outside I saw harry and his group blocking the outside gate I sighed “not again’’ I mumbled I started walking niall nudged harry. harry turned around and smirked


“move harry” I said trying to get passed he grabbed my waist and kissed me I kissed him back I felt so happy just then I realized what I was doing my eyes widened I pushed him back   he looked at me “eve i-“before he could finish I ran just ran I can’t believe I kissed him ugh

I went to the park and sat down on the bench I did my homework  I sighed I looked behind me to see niall coming towards me I put my stuff in my bag and started walking “eve” he said “eve wait” he grabbed my arm “what” I said “I know u won’t believe this but … harry likes u” he said “ no he does not “ I said “then why did he kiss you” he said

I stared at him “just give him a chance” niall said I looked behind niall to see harry leaning against a tree smoking and looked at me I looked at niall “ 1 chance” I said niall smiled and walked towards harry I started walking to my apartment I flopped on the couch and passed out 

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