Dark Visions (1D)

just a innocent girl who gets good grades is the teachers pet or what she thought not until this boy showed up he completely changed my life

" I'm Eve And This Is Dark Visions..."


3. Ugh Fine

Eve's pov

i woke i got dressed and started walking to school i saw harry leaning against the wall looking at me  i sighed i continued walking he came up to me  "hey babe" he said "u have only one chance styles" i said looking at his cute green eyes "i won't blow it i promise" he said holding my hand i smiled to my self when we were walking everyone was staring at us i looked up at harry " i will see u in gym ok?" he said placing his hand on my cheek i nodded i kissed him on the lips he kissed back i made my way to class 


during gym class

since we have to do stretches the rest of the gym class i paired up with my friend and we started doing stretches "look who's staring at u" my friend Sara said i looked behind me to see harry looking at me he winked at me i bit my lip and continued doing stretches are coach blew the whistle i headed to the gym lockers i changed  and started walking outside i saw harry and his gang outside i walked towards harry "babe'' he said smiling he hugged me "guys this is eve my girlfriend " he said i looked at his friends "hi" they all said i waved " all of us are going to the lake tonight wanna come" louis said "sure" i said " i will pick u up at 7 " harry said he kissed me on the cheek i heard a horn beep i looked behind me to see my brother "bye" i said i headed towards my brother "why are u hanging out with them and why did harry kiss u" he said while driving "were dating" i said he stopped the car and looked at me "get out" he said "what"  i said "get out " he snapped i rolled my eyes and got out when i closed the door he drove away "fuck u " i screamed i started walking while i was walking a car hit a puddle and splashed on me i gasped i started crying i sat on a bench and shivered  

just then a car stopped "eve?" i heard someone say they got out of the car "harry" i said shivering  "why are u out here " he said my brother kicked me out of the car" i said "come get in my car " he said i got in his car he opened the trunk and took  a blanket out he closed the trunk and came in the car he handed it to me i took it and covered me  soon i fell asleep

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