Dark Visions (1D)

just a innocent girl who gets good grades is the teachers pet or what she thought not until this boy showed up he completely changed my life

" I'm Eve And This Is Dark Visions..."


5. school rumors

eve's pov

i woke up i groaned and stretched my arms i rubbed my head i looked around harry wasn't in bed i shivered i put on my robe and headed downstairs "harry?" i said i went to the kitchen to see a dancing harry in boxers with a spatula singing to the song i giggled and watched 

"harry wtf are you doing" i said laughing he stopped " oh shit i was uhhh i was just singing and dancing..." said " why the fuck u holding a spatula and in boxers " i said he looked at me and then the spatula he dropped the spatula "what spatula i don't see one" he said looking around  i smirked " your an idiot " i said kissing him " but im ur idiot" he said i laughed

" we got school and it starts in 10 mins"  he said my eyes widened "go go go go !!!" he yelled kicking my bum i raced up the stairs i brushed my teeth i wet my hair and and curled it then i tied it i applied mascara and white eyeliner on my water line and the eyeliner on my top lash line i sighed " 5 mins" he yelled i sprayed perfume on me i applied deodorant i grabbed a white dress with black leggings i put a fresh bra and underwear i put the dress and black leggings on and made sure my heels were on right  i raced downstairs to get my schoolbag harry ran out of the house to the car i rolled my eyes and grabbed his school bag to i opened the car door 


2 mins later

we arrived at school '' fuck that was good exercise" i said trying to catch my breath " yea it was i laughed we went to our lockers and got are stuff out me and harry had English together we got in class right before the bell rang me and harry sat next together " alright class today we will be watching a movie about 9/11 make sure u pay attention" Mr.max said  while we were watching the movie i heard people whisper


" hey you ok? you look pale" harry said " im fine " i said tightening my grip on the desk" lets head home i don't feel good" i said he nodded we got up and headed home i sighed i looked out the window i sighed

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