Dark Visions (1D)

just a innocent girl who gets good grades is the teachers pet or what she thought not until this boy showed up he completely changed my life

" I'm Eve And This Is Dark Visions..."


4. lazy day

eve's pov

i woke up to see harry next to me shirtless my eyes widened i covered my mouth from screaming i looked at myself why am i in a big shirt and sweats just then i heard a groan i looked at harry he was waking up ''shit shit shit'' i whispered he opened his eyes and looked at me " good morning" he said  god damn that voice doe i bit my lip " good morning " "u hungry " he said getting up with just sweat pants on "yea kinda" i said i followed harry to the kitchen

" i have one question" i said "did u change my clothes" i said "no my mom was over so she did it" i nodded " i was wondering if u wanted to do something today" he said " umm sure" i said "i promise i wont try anything" he smiled i smiled back harry left and came back with a galaxy sweater and galaxy leggings " i went shopping when u fell asleep i hope these fit u" he said nervously " i looked at the size " u got the size right " i smiled i kissed him on the cheek while i was going to the bathroom i stopped and looked at him "thanks harry" i smiled and went into the bathroom

2 hours later

"harry were are we going " i said " i cant tell were almost there " he said " are we outside" harry took his hands away i looked behind me "harry" i said just then light came on i looked around we were in a garden with a waterfall and there was benches  just then someone wrapped there arms around me " You like it" he said "yes its beautiful " i said i giggled " so i wanna say something" he said 

'' i know i was a ass to u in school  but i want to start all over i wanna prove to u i changed i love u and when we grow up i wanna marry u have children and  grow old together" he said 
will u give me a chance " he said looking into my eyes  i looked at him " ok" i said he smiled and twirled me around i laughed "lets take a pic of us kissing " he said i nodded he took his phone out wile we kissed i heard a click we stopped kissing i looked at the photo " perfect" i smiled i looked at him "lets go home " he said we held hands while we walked back home when we got home i went to go get changed i heard a knock on the door "come in "i said  while getting my top on i felt arms snake around my waist i giggled i felt harry nibble on my ear 

"stop harry" i groaned "you tired " he said yawning while laying on the bed "yes " i said yawing i went to him and placed my head on his chest i felt him play with my hair soon i fell asleep

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