The truth hurts

I just should of listed to Sarah she warned me about James and I didn't listen. And when the tears flow silently down my face it finally hit me he hurt me he hurt me bad!!


1. The boyfriend

It all happened when my dad died we move to Ohio to a nice neighborhood. My mom said not to enroll me in school because it's so late in the school year but I said its good for me . She enrolled me the next day after we unpack all the boxes and hundred and five in fact! After two days of getting me new clothes new shoes new school stuff I finally got to go to school I saw a lot of cute boys one boy particular his name is James. James Tyler When he is in gym he is so hot he plays football and I do basketball!

Know the next day I got to school my new friend Sarah she told me that James is going to ask me to prom I almost peed my pants!!!

At lunch James called me over and said in the most sexy voice " will u go to prom with me ?" " YES"!!!!! I screamed. in 5th 6th Pernod we sat by each other. I gave him my phone number and he gave me his. BRING went the bell Sarah pulled me out of class and said that I should not go to prom with him I tried to walk away she grabbed my arm i yanked my arm away " NO!! I love James and he did nothing wrong" James walked me home " so are your parents home?" He asked " no they don't get back in tell 10 why" " do u mid if I stay a wile and it's ok if I can't" " u can don't worry it's only 2 we have time" I let James hand go and ran to unlock the door when I look back and James had a playful look on hi face " wow your house is cool" James said I walk up the stirs to my room James follows me hold on I say to James wile I get some pretzels out of my top drawer of my dresser when I walk back out to the hallway I don't see James anymore I looked down in the living room kitchen in moms room basement laundry room computer room and my art room he was nowhere to be found " James!!" I yelled " James this is not funny" " BOO!" He yelled out behind the couch " what are u doing" Jo nothing why do u have my diamond necklace?!?" " um I was admiring it" " ok well can I have it and my mom called me and said she was on her way. So u got to go" " ok bye"

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