Enemy Fire

Brooke and Louis were best friends but nothing lasts forever. Promises are meant to be broken and people change. Will someone protect Brooke or will she have to run away from her problems? Will she be strong or give up? Read to find out more...


1. Not The Welcome Home I Expected

Today is the day that I get to see my brother. I haven't seen him since I was 7. We were best friends until our parents got a divorce. He stayed in Doncaster with Dad while Mom and I moved to America. I'm sure you're wondering why I am going to see my brother. Well our Mom became an alcoholic in America and whenever she was drunk she would either beat me or bring home a random guy to have sex with and then beat me together. So now she is in jail.


I'm 16, my name is Brooke Tomlinson, and my plane just landed in Doncaster. I went to baggage claim and got my luggage before sitting on a nearby bench near the exit to wait for my brother Louis to show up.


2 hours later I was growing very impatient when 4 boys walked in with a sign saying my name. I walked over to them and asked which one of them was Louis. 

"Sorry love but Louis was busy so we came to get you as soon as we could. I'm Liam." 

"Im Niall" he said with an irish accent.

"Harry" he said before winking at me.

"Zayn" he mumbled, you could tell he was shy.

"Nice to meet you guys, so I'm assuming you're Louis' friends?" 

"Ya, lets get you home." Liam said


We drove for about 30 minutes before pulling up to a huge mansion. I guess while I was trapped with the witch he was here living the life.

"Are you sure Louis lives here?" I asked in disbelief.

"Actually we live here with him" Niall said happily as I nodded.

We all got out of the car and went inside.

"Well Perry wants me to go shopping with her so um ya bye." Zayn said

"Bye" we all said together

"Perry is his girlfriend if you didn't already know." Harry said filling me in.

"Can you and Niall give her a tour while I start making dinner" Liam asked while pointing at Harry.

"Sure" They both said.

They brought me around the house for a while until I finally asked where my room was.

"Oh, you have to stay with one of us because our spare bedroom is being used by Louis' girlfriend Brianna." Niall said

"Oh why don't I just stay in her room with her instead of with one of you, I mea were both girls so that makes sense right?"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." someone said from behind us. We all turned around to see a girl with barely any clothing on and make up that looked like a five year old did.

"Why not?" I asked

"Because I don't allow ugly bitches like you in my room." She said confidently

"I'm sorry but what did you just call me?!?" I asked in shock at her rudeness.

"I said I don't allow ugly bitches like you in my room. Apparently you need a hearing aid too." She repeated as I lunged at her and started throwing punches while Niall and Harry tried and failed at getting me off of her. Then someone threw me off of her and punched me a few times. I looked up to see someone I haven't yet met.

"Don't you dare fucking touch her ever again! You might be my sister but Brianna is the sweetest girl ever so you better stay away from her! Wow you sure have changed." Louis said in disgust.

"She was calling me an ugly bitch! Was I supposed to just let her?" I responded angrily.

"She would never do such a thing. If you ever touch her again you will be kicked out of this house and sent back to America. I don't even know why you didn't stay there." Louis responded.

"Maybe I would've stayed there if Mom didn't constantly beat me!" I yelled in his face before walking away without looking back. I had gone outside and walked for about an hour before I found the park that Louis and I used to play at when we were little. Thing sure have changed between us.


"Push me higher!" I yelled to Louis while he pushed me on the swing. We continued until I decided to jump off the swing. I always would land on my feet but not this time. This time I landed on my stomach and arm. The fall broke my arm. We were waiting for the ambulance as I cried.

"Brooke I'm so sorry I promise I will never let you get hurt again. Please forgive me." Louis begged.

"Pinky promise?"

"Pinky promise" he promised as we wrapped our pinky fingers around each others.


I continued to think about that promise and remembered that promises were meant to be broken.  I was becoming very tired so I lied down on the bench and fell asleep. I woke up to bird chirping and my face hurting from where Louis had punched me. I decided to get up and go on the swings. After swinging for a bit I heard someone say my name. I turned around to see Harry.

"What are you doing here?" I asked

"You know we have been looking for you all night right?" he said ignoring my question.

"I bet Louis wasn't." i mumbled

"and sadly you're correct" he said while sitting on the swing next to me.

"is it true about your mom?" he asked worriedly

"Ya she's in jail, thats why I'm here, not like Louis cares" 

"Im so sorry." he told me as i looked up from the ground and over at him

"Oh my god your face is all bruised!" 

"eh it could be worse." i said shrugging my shoulders.

"Come one lets get you cleaned up." He said before bringing me back home.

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