Never Say Always

I never broke a promise. Especially if it was a promise I made to someone who was close to me. Well, that was until she came around. We told each other we would always be there. We promised each other "always." She made me realise the truth, though. She taught me a lesson... Never say always.


2. Chapter 1


         I hurried down the stairs, slipping on my sneakers. Once I got downstairs, I went into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. Drinking faucet water isn't exactly pleasant, in my opinion. It's disgusting. I mean, you drink water from the ground, and it isn't even purified.

         "Gabriel, I'm glad you're down here. I need you to do me a favor," my mom cooed in a sweet manner as she entered the kitchen, pulling me out of my deep, cozy dream cloud of thoughts. I could tell that it wasn't a geniune sweetness. It was a you will do what I say with no objections sweetness.

         "Yes, Mother? What do you need?" I asked, mocking her cooing tone. Looking up at her, waiting for her response, I sighed.

        "Go take these," she smiled one of her fake smiles as she handed me a handful of roses and daises, then she countined, "to the neighbors next door. They're new to this neighborhood, and their daughter is maybe twelve or thirteen. She's somewhere around your age." She seemed so annoyed at the whole thought of having new neighbors, though she tried to act happy.

        "Yes, ma'am," I sighed, setting my water bottle down. I pretty much sulked over to the door because of my laziness.

        "Oh, and Gabriel! Invite them over for dinner, Sweetie. We're having veggie burgers with my secret surprise stuffed inside," my mother smirked as she began walking upstairs.

        "For the eight hundredth time, if they are stuffed with bacon, they are not veggie burgers."

        "They still have vegetables, don't they?"

        "Whatever," I rolled my eyes as I stepped outside and slammed the door. It was a pretty day outside. They sky was light blue with a few clouds that patched its color, and the birds were chirping the tune of a sweet summer song.

         It was times like this that I wished I had a sibling to enjoy the outside wonders with, but sadly, I was an only child. It would be better if I had friends who would've come out and play with me, but friends were a gift I was never blessed with. Not many kids wanted to be around me. I wasn't the coolest, most attractive or most popular kid in school. I had light blonde - almost white - shaggy hair that fell over my right eye. My eyes were a milk chocolate brown, and freckles, that looked like they had been draw with a marker, dotted my cheeks and nose. My teeth were lined with lime green and baby blue braces. So pretty much, as you can see, I wasn't any jock or allstar player. In fact, I was the exact oppisite of that. I was that kid who was obsessed with wrestling and anime.  Also known as the geek of the school, and being a geek wasn't exactly a praised thing.

         I arrived at the neighbors' house with the flowers clenched tightly in my hand. I knocked softly and waited, swaying to the sides a bit. Soon, the door swung open to reveal a beautiful young girl wearing frog-covered pajamas. Her strawberry blonde hair fell over her shoulders, each side pulled into long braids. Her emerald green eyes sat upon two plump cheeks that dipped into dimples right near the corners of her joyful smile.

        "Hi, may I help you?" her voice rang out in a sweet, angelic tone.

        "Who, me? Oh, uh... Y-yeah. My mom told me to bring you these. She wanted me to invite you for dinner. We're having veggie burgers." I shoved the flowers into her hand, my voice showing that I was clearly nervous.

        "I would love to come, but my parents won't be home until seven or eight, later tonight." Her voice seemed to hold a heavenly tone with every word she said. She was a pure beauty, too. I had never seen such a sight.

        "Oh, well... That's such a shame. Come over if you need anything at all, though. We're that blue house right next door, okay?"

        "Alright, thank you! I'm Josie, by the way. Josie Claire Edmonson."

        "I'm Gabriel. Gabriel Alexander Shirley. I'm thirteen, in case you were wondering. You?"

        "I am, too! Just last month was my birthday. Nice to meet you, Gabriel."

        "The pleasure is all mine," I smiled, extending my hand for her to shake it. She looked down at my hand for a while before hugging me tightly.

         "Hand shaking is too old fashioned. Hugging is much better," she giggled as she pulled away. "I better get back inside. I'll see you later then, Gabe. Bye!"

         "Alright, see ya' later. Bye!" I smiled as she closed the door. I began walking home. At least I knew what I'd be doing tomorrow, for sure.



_+_+_+_+_+ A/N _+_+_+_+_+

Okay, so. First chapter of a new story that I'm trying out. :) Sorry if you don't like it. Let me know what you think in the comments below, if you would. cx




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