Being his sister

Nialls little sister Maddie finally gets to meet nialls little group. What happens when she falls in love. Will it be forbidden?


16. Strong

Maddie's p.o.v

We finally arrived at the bar and damn it was crowded. Drunken bodies flew everywhere. "Umm Harry this looks like a frat house more than a bar" I said still looking around. He ignored me and just kept on talking to his friends. I say on the couch and ignored the pushing. I was tired. I pushed pass people and made my way to the door. "Oh hey! Where you going?" I heard. It was a drunk senior around Harry's age. He put his hands on my waste. "Hey! Fuck off!" I yelled. "No your mine" he sounded drunk like super drunk. He started placing kisses on my neck. "Can you fucking get off of me!?" I yelled and started pushing him back but he wouldn't budge. "Hey she fucking told you to fuck off!" I heard. Then before I could turn my head the drunk asshole was knocked onto the floor. By Harry? "You ok?" Harry asked. "Yea fine" I just couldn't stop staring at his bloody lip. The drunk asshole was helped getting up and I just left. Without saying a word

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