Being his sister

Nialls little sister Maddie finally gets to meet nialls little group. What happens when she falls in love. Will it be forbidden?


20. I Choose You

Maddie's p.o.v

Today's the day I'm finally leaving this hell hole. As much as I should be forgiving Harry I can't cause he also saved my life.

We walked out of the ER holding hands.

"So babe what do you want to do today?" He asked. "I don't know"

We sat at nearby fountain with the wind in our hair.

"I can't believe we have been dating for almost 5 months!" He said. I smiled and cupped his cheek. "I know baby" I said kissing him.

"And with those 5 months have been nothing but joy" he stood in front of me. "Listen maddie we are gonna have a lot of ups and downs and I want to spend those memories with you. Just you. So will you make me the happiest man in the world? Will you marry me?"

"Ok" I said

"Oh you don't have to say yes" he said

"Oh, yes yes yes yes!" I said.

We shared a kiss. "I love you till infinity and beyond"

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