Being his sister

Nialls little sister Maddie finally gets to meet nialls little group. What happens when she falls in love. Will it be forbidden?


10. Burn

Liams P.o.v

"What a fucking ass!" I mumbled as I fixed my shirt. I was gonna get Maddie. Even if I had to get killed my Niall. Niall can't control her. Maddie is my everything. "Hey" I looked up from my haze and saw Maddie standing there. Her hands holding her books and that bright smile showing her off. "Oh hey" I said pulling her into a hug. "Are you ok?" She asked concern. I nodded my head. I took my hand and placed on hers. She jumped with the electricity burning through us.

She looked up and smiled.

Our moment suddenly stopped. We turned around still holding hands when I see Niall. "Fuck!" She yelled. I was stunned by her words. We both ran. Ran as fast as we could. "Shit!" I cursed under my breathe. Then we realized we were outside of the school. We stopped to catch our breathe. Them I heard a scream. I turn around and see Maddie face to face with Niall. "I'm gonna finish you later!" Niall said coming up to me. "No! Ok? What the hell Niall!? Your not dad! Your not mom! Your my fucking brother! Of course I need protection but you butting into my life is not acceptable! Your ruining my chances to finally be happy! I love you but you need to let go!" She paused. I can feel the burn through my throat. "I love Liam!" I stopped. "What?" I mumbled. "Yes I love him. If you can't accept that then I will leave." She said putting her foot down. "No Maddie! Please don't... Look I just don't want to lose you like we did with mom and dad. Your all I have. I'm sorry for being to protective I'm just giving you what they couldn't. And I am very sorry." He stopped walking away with shame. "I love you." I heard Maddie say. Then she said it to Niall. What just happened?

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