Being his sister

Nialls little sister Maddie finally gets to meet nialls little group. What happens when she falls in love. Will it be forbidden?


6. Beating Heart

Nialls p.o.v

My mates tried to calm me down but then I just got fustrated. "No! My fucking niggas! She is gone. Once I see that bad ass Harry I'm gonna beat the shit out of him! I broke my mums promise! I lose my second love!" I put my hands to my face and started crying. My mates comforted me since they knew everything. I just sobbed and sobbed. Then I heard the doorbell ring. "Shit!" I rubbed my eyes and saw Maddie there holding hands with Harry. "Move!" She demanded. "No! Where were you!?" I yelled. She let go of Harry and crossed her arms. "Why you need to know? You gonna ruin that to?" She mocked. They both went upstairs and I didn't even bother following them. I grabbed my jacket and my keys and went out the door. To the only person who could at least help me.

Maddie's p.o.v

"Shit Harry! That was so hard!" I just confronted Niall. I got all my stuff and went downstairs. Niall was gone. Yass bitches!!! I thought. I went outside and his car was gone. I jumped into Harry's car and we rode back to his place.

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