Being his sister

Nialls little sister Maddie finally gets to meet nialls little group. What happens when she falls in love. Will it be forbidden?


4. Alive

Harry's p.o.v


Was all I saw after I said I kissed Maddie. Shit! I got up and escaped out the back door when I heard a doorbell. As I open the back door I see Maddie standing there. Already looking at my black eye. She started to tear up. I ignored all the painful movements I did and hugged her. She wrapped her arms around me gently. Then I heard Niall's voice again. "Where the fuck are you styles?" I limped over and Maddie stood in front of me like a body guard. "You lay one finger and I mean one! I will leave you forever!" She said yelling at Niall. Me and Niall were stunned by her words. "It's ok Maddie I deserve this." I said putting my head down. I took my first step as Maddie was still in front of me. "Come on sis I'm trying to protect you!" Niall said getting closer. "You beat the crap out of Harry and you have the fucking nerve to say your protecting me?" Her voice got a little higher. "Bull shit!" She said turning around to face me. "Let's go Harry." She said helping me walk out the door. Niall yelled but we both ignored him. We took a long walk to home. We stopped at light post and she leaned on the pole. I placed my hand on the pole just above her head. I leaned in. We were so close we can feel each other breathe. She leaned in and before I knew it we were kissing. Her sweet innocent lips were touching mine.

Maddie's p.o.v

I was kissing Harry styles!! Mother fucking Harry styles!! Oh god!! His innocent sweet smell. I was falling in love. And Niall isn't going to get in the way of it. We kissed for a long time till I got a call. Niall.

I declined the call and me and Harry walked over to his place holding hands. I just love him so much. I'm just worried I might get hurt. When we reached his place I laid down on the rug and started sleeping. "Love? Just get up here!" Harry said. I got up and went to his arms. I faced the opposite of him as his arm rested on my hip. I got in closer as he breathed on my neck. Shit he was so cute!

Then I drifted off to sleep.

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