Being his sister

Nialls little sister Maddie finally gets to meet nialls little group. What happens when she falls in love. Will it be forbidden?


14. Adore You

Maddie p.o.v

"So how did it go?" Niall asked so concernly. "Ok I guess" I shrugged.

My phone vibrated and I looked down.

Harry: meet me at the bar :) down on Wall Street ;)

Me: ok <3

I smiled and locked my phone. I started to get ready I took a quick shower and was totally lost on what to wear.

I pulled out my black dress with my white boots. "Ew no!" I heard. I looked over at my door and I see Niall leaning against my door. "Oh shut up! Your not even a girl so don't judge" I smirked. "Yea but I know what guys like" he had a point. I sighed and just kept looking. My flower dress with white boots? He looked over and said "perfect" I smiled and got ready. I went downstairs and I see Harry in the doorway. "Wow!" He said in shock. I went down the stairs and grabbed my jacket and phone. "Have fun but not to much fun" Niall winked. I hit his chest and shut the door.

"Well this should be fun" I muttered.

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