Hes not mine......yet

The guy my best friend loves


1. intro

Harry's pov

She was beautiful , amazing if u wanna call her, there was one down fall to her, she was my best friends girlfriend. The girl I speak of is Isabelle Tomlinson, in fact she is was my other best friends sister. But what I didn't know is she is my girlfriends best friend also. She was also my best friend since 1st grade, I've liked her since 1st grade, when I met her.

Jordan's pov

I love him! I love my boyfriend, harry is the love of my life. But I knew something was going on with him and my best friend Isabelle, everytime he's around her it's like I'm not real. But I trust him.

Isabelle's pov

I love Jordan and Harry so much, their my best friends and their such a great couple. I've known harry since I was little, he is my true best friend. Jordan was just growing on me as a friend I've known her since 5th grade.

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