Adriana was just your average 16 year old, but nobody knew her story. She wasn't just the usual school girl, she was a millionaires daughter, with secrets. Can she keep up with the normal school girl life? Let's hope so...


2. Chapter Two

Summer was over. It was now officially time to go back in school...

I woke up to my alarm going off at 6:30am, I like to wake up early on the first day back so that I can make sure I'm ready. I clicked the snooze button hoping for another 5 minutes rest but it felt like seconds and it was off again... ''BEEP BEEP''. Okay okay... "I'm up" I shout to the alarm clock, "shut up"!

Immediately I jump into the shower to freshen myself up, I tie my hair up so that it doesn't get wet it's too long to dry in time for school so I try to keep it dry. As I'm trying to tie my hair up in a bun so it doesn't get wet my hairband snaps and I already feel the water splashing against my head... "ARGH" I moan to myself angrily. "What a great start".

I decided to just wash my hair and hope it dries in time. As I wrap my hair up tightly in my towel I wrap another one around my naturally tanned body. As I walk to my bedroom my phone starts to ring. "Who the hell is that?" I ask myself expecting an answer. An unknown number? Who could that be? I decide it's probably best to just leave it and carry on getting ready.

"Shit!" I mumble to myself as my towel falls down to my ankles. Well I might as well get ready. I look at the glass clock on my wall and read 7:15, I pick my towel back up and walk into my walk in wardrobe... I look to the left wall which is full of my tops and dresses... I pick out my aqua blue lace crop top. I then look to the right side of my wardrobe and pick out my high waisted ripped jean shorts. I then walk to the back of my wardrobe and pick out my black matching lace lingerie with my plain black trainer socks. "Hmm, black and white blazers, white vans, or white converse?" I ask myself. "It's summer still so... Converse it is!" I answer my own question.

I get ready and I walk out my wardrobe and shut my mirrored doors. I glance into them but get distracted, 7:25 time to do my makeup...

As I'm balancing on one leg to tie up my other shoe, I hop to the other side of my room where my dressing table stands. I start with concealer, I don't even have any spots at the moment, I use it to cover the few freckles on my nose. I then apply my face toner, along with bronzer followed by a tiny bit of blusher. I then apply a thick line on to my eye with liquid eye liner adding a little flick each side. Then lastly I thickly cover my long black lashes with mascara. "Done" I say...

I look into my wardrobe mirrors one last time to double check how I look, I look at my bright blue eyes with long black eye lashes and apply a peach lipgloss to my soft lips. 7:40, I have 40 minutes until I have to leave, I have ages yet... I take my long blonde hair out of the towel I wrapped around my head and shiver as the wet end of my hair hit the bottom of my back making me jump. I shake my hair and some lands on each shoulder and some hung down my back... As I didn't have time to straighten it I left it wavy, and spray my leave in conditioner on it, just to give it some extra volume and make it smell nice! Speaking of smelling nice, I forgot perfume? I chose about 5 different bottles off of the 4th shelf. I started spraying two at a time on my self it didn't matter how much I used, I had about 300 bottles of perfumes and sprays. After a while of spraying myself with perfume and deodorant I was ready to go. I put a bottle of perfume in my school bag and walked downstairs.

It was now 8:00, and I had roughly 10 minutes to leave, I grabbed my lunch that I bought fresh yesterday and put it in my school bag, a cheese and tomato pasta pot to be exact. I grabbed my car keys off of the kitchen side, took a sip out of my bottle of tropical water and walked to the front door. I kissed the photo of my mother and father on their wedding day and whispered "I love you" and I left for school.

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