YOU left US!!!

When bestfriends come in between boyfriends and Brothers and sister fight over who to date. Abigail Malik and Zayn fell out when Zayn went to xfactor. Will Abigail's bestfriend and Zayn's mates help them or take them further apart?


1. Seeing him...


"No Lauren I haven't seen him in 2 years and I don't plan to see him again, why did you ask" I said it my phone." Er well all five of them are coming to see me at our apartment and he wants to see you...." I could hear her voice trailing off. "Lauren you idiot"I practically shouted in to my phone "I know I am sorry I have to go bye" she then hung up. I now regret that I agreed to share an apartment with her. Hello I am Abigail Malik and my best friend is Lauren Styles. Yes I said Malik and styles it's not that big of a deal. When my brother went off for the xfactor I didn't go with him cause he didn't want me to so the day he went was the last time I saw him !!

Lauren's Pov

"I am home" I shouted as I walked through the door. "I am in the living room" she shouted back."the boys are staying here in the loft conversion" I said when I walked into the living room "what?"she shouted louder then ever."I am sorry it's just they had nowhere eles to go or that's what Harry said...." My voice trailed off. They did it on purpose so that Zayn and Abigail made up. Oh god no! "They did it on purpose didn't they?" I asked Abigail nodded. We were cut off my a knock on the door."they are not meant to be here until Friday" I Said. Abigail walked over to the door to be greeted by a my brother and his band mates. I ran to Harry and jumped into his arms. " I have missed you Harry" I shouted. I hugged all the rest of the boys. Abigail was on her phone looking worried " I have to go Lauren" she said and walked over to the door.

Lauren Pov

I needed air. I was scared I haven't seen him I'm the flesh for 2 years!!!! What should I do? It's not like a could call mum. Wait that's what I will do. I dialled her number..she picked up after 3 rings "hello" she said "mum it's Abigail...I can I ask you something" I asked her "sure sweetie what is it" she replied. "Zayn is back"....

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