The Devil's Daughter

The Devil had a Daughter
That daughter had a father
That father was evil
That father was the Devil
She was a sinner
They played a sick game, but he was the winner
She lost her soul for the Devil to use for the worst
She didn't know if it was a blessing or a curse


6. the light in the dark

Ashton's pov

I was walking at the edge of the woods to get to my house.

I heard a beautiful voice singing.

"She's sitting at the table.

The hours getting later

He was supposed to be here

She's sure he would have called

She waits a little longer there's no one in the driveway

No ones said they've seen him

'Why is something wrong?'

She looks back to the window suddenly the phone rings

A voice says something's happen

That she should come right now

Her mind goes to December

She thinks of when he asked her

He bent down on his knee first

And he said

I want you forever

Forever and always

Through the good and the bad and the ugly

We'll grow old together

forever and always"

The voice was obviously a teen girls. The strange thing was that it was coming from the woods.

I let my curiosity get the best of me. I walked into the woods.

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