The Devil's Daughter

The Devil had a Daughter
That daughter had a father
That father was evil
That father was the Devil
She was a sinner
They played a sick game, but he was the winner
She lost her soul for the Devil to use for the worst
She didn't know if it was a blessing or a curse


13. marks with a meaning

Drew's pov

I woke to searing pain on my inner forearm. I cried out in pain.

One of my fathers servants came rushing in.

"Madam Drewanna? Is everything all right." His voice was raspy and his appearance was gruesome. He was a skeleton with pieces of flesh hanging on the bones. But I was used to it.

Drew was short for Drewanna. That's pronounced Drew-on-ah. I hate it. I like just Drew.

"I'm fine." I grumbled, holding my inner forearm where it hurt.

He just stood there. "Are you sure? I could take you to Fawn." He said. Fawn was the demonic witch doctor.

"Get out." I snarled. I was beginning to lose my temper. When I do you need to get away from me.

He walked forwards ignoring my command.

"I said GET OUT!!!" I screamed. I pushed my hand out towards him and he burst into flames.

"I told you to get out." I sneered.

I went to my favorite tree at the edge of the forest still out of sight. I began to sing a song I wrote.

Ashton's pov

As I walked into the woods there was a searing pain on my right inner forearm. I ignored it and kept walking.

I came to a huge tree. I heard the singing again. I looked up to see a blond girl in a black dress with black fishnet leggings. Her black combat boots were very visibly covered in blood. I wonder if she's hurt.

"Hey?" I tried to get her attention. She turned to face me from her tree limb at least thirty feet off the ground. But still I could see her piercing blue eyes.

Her expression was hard then it softened.

Then she did the impossible. She jumped from her limb.

I was shocked to see her land on her feet. She straightened up.

"Who are you?" She questioned. "Didn't your parents warn you not to go into the woods?" Her voice was mocking and had an edge of curiosity.

"I'm Ashton Irwin. And yes they did." I said still shocked.

"Well you came In on your own so if you want to leave you might want to fight me." She sneered.

"I'm not fighting a girl." I stated crossing my arms.

"Fine. You can just die. Makes it easier for me." She smirked. Then she lunged at me.

She tackled me and I flipped her so I was on top.

Our arms touched, my right to her left . We both hissed in pain.

I looked at my inner forearm and she did the same. I heard a small gasp from her. What I saw scared the hell out of me. It was a tree tattoo that I never got. The tree was a weeping willow.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see that girl staring at me. Then, she showed my her arm. It was a black outlined rose that was bleeding.

She grabbed my hand and drug me deeper into the forest.

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