The Devil's Daughter

The Devil had a Daughter
That daughter had a father
That father was evil
That father was the Devil
She was a sinner
They played a sick game, but he was the winner
She lost her soul for the Devil to use for the worst
She didn't know if it was a blessing or a curse


2. Drew

Drew was a young girl. Seventeen to be exact. But she has a secret. No one knows it. That is except her father.

She lives deep in the woods. Hidden in the trees. Her home is a cave right in the center.

She is remarkably beautiful. Her blond hair runs down her back. Her piercing blue eyes capture the eye of every victim.

Her little secret lures in people while her little secret kills them.

It sounds sick. But, that's all she has ever know since she turned the chosen age; 15.

Her secret slowly kills her inside. She is isolated from everything there ever was. She doesn't talk to anybody. She ignored her friends until they left her alone. And then one day she just... Disappeared.

The thing is, she had only one parent, a mother worthy of the devil himself.

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