The Devil's Daughter

The Devil had a Daughter
That daughter had a father
That father was evil
That father was the Devil
She was a sinner
They played a sick game, but he was the winner
She lost her soul for the Devil to use for the worst
She didn't know if it was a blessing or a curse


4. beauty is the beast

Drew pulled his hand as she led them through the woods. Yes the woods. To everyone else they were haunted and you never go in them. But to her it was home.

Drew's pov

"But but why can't we go around the woods." He whined. Scared desperation was showing in his voice.

"It's shorter." I simply replied. I had to get the demons food somehow. A girl has got to do what a girl has to do, right?

I ran through the dense forest. Unfazed by the things that only I could see lurking in the undergrowth. I dragged him along.

We came to a clearing. It was large. About the size of a football field.( soccer) Stones surrounded the outer edges.

"Wow. This is amazing." Chris gasped. That was the boys name.

"I know." I replied. Then I held onto him with inhuman strength and started the song to summon them.

"Ann for efts

Coo a def doab

Opal it defys

Beauty fjord

Coo a deg down." I finished. I didn't write that is is ancient. In the demon language.

Soon the demonic creatures filed out and strangled the boy. Then they feasted. I smirked.

"My child does it pain you to see death?" My father asked placing his cold hand on the small of my back. I never see him any more I only can feel his presence. The last time I saw him was two years ago on my birthday. I have seen him once since then. I never want to hear him nor see him again.

"I honestly don't give a damn." I shrugged and went to my cave.

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