The greys of love

About the predifined limits of who it is acceptable to love. School assignment.


1. The greys of love

"I love..." I begin,
but never get to end.
"You're too young" they cut in.
Why can’t they comprehend?

Does this come with growing old?
Is time a thieve of thought?
The tellers of what we're told 
I wonder if they forgot.

Wherefrom did they steal
the right to define
what love I can feel
in this heart of mine?    

They tell me I cannot know,
they say it's just a phase.
What will it take for me to show
there's more ways out of this maze?

Why does it have to be
a choice between the two?
Can’t we just all agree
to share a broader view? 

Why does this old world lack
all the tones in between
the predefined white and black?
Where is the grey I've seen?

Make your narrow view broad
and you begin to see my greys.
This is not a crossroad.
We can go both ways.

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