There is a girl named Diana. She gets bullied at school and her dad abuses her. Niall on the other hand had a girlfriend who's name was Diana. She ended up in the hospital and can't remember anything. Read to find out the rest.


2. Cops

My dad didn't hear them since he was moaning and groaning so loud.He then pulled out and flipped me so i was on top of him. "Suck me!" He demanded and i then got on his legs and filled his length in my mouth. He then reached his climax and got dressed. He told me to ly naked until he says I can get dressed. All of the sudden, I here the door bust open and yells. It was the cops. I was so relived. I got dressed and walked out when my mum saw me she ran over to me and said, "Your fathers bieng arrested hun!" I started crying because as much as he hurts me, he is my dad. I love him but I was so glad that he was going to be gone. Thanks to god. My mum then said come to her room. She handed me a charm bracelet andone had all my favorite bands charms. Here they are in a list, Emblem3,One Direction, Magcon, Little mix, Paranorme, and 5sos. She told me "Happy Birthday" I had tottaly forgot about that. I thanked her and she told me she had one more thing. It was tickets to a One direction concert and she said I can bring a friend but I told her before if I ever get 2 tickets to any concert she gets to go with me. I was so excited When she handed me a dress with 1D at thebottom and a tiffany blue top where my breast go. I told her thanks and walked out to see my dad with the cops. I started to tear up but I told myself it was alright.

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