There is a girl named Diana. She gets bullied at school and her dad abuses her. Niall on the other hand had a girlfriend who's name was Diana. She ended up in the hospital and can't remember anything. Read to find out the rest.


4. Concert

Me and my mum were watching tv whenn all of the sudden i just so happened to check my phone it was 5:23. "Mum we need to get ready for the concert it's a hour long drive and it's 5:23." Without a word she leaped from her chair and up the stairs she went. I went to my room to get dressed I dressed in my brand new 1D t-shirt and skinny jeans with my white keds and my new charm bracelet. I quickly put on my jacket and unplugged my Ipad and grabed my car charger with my Iphone and turned out the light with closing the door behind me. I ran down the stairs to see my mum in a black and white little black dress with whire 5" heels on. I grabbed her keys and when I found her she was looking in the mirror. "Mum you look absolutely beautiful" "Thanks Diana you too" We went to the car and drove off. I decided since it was going to be a while I would check my social media when I went on twitter I saw that this chick said she was going to be at the concert. She was going to bein a black coat with a red fedora. I retweeted it and checked movellas. When I went on it there was a story about a girl with a black coat and a red fedora. I decided to read it and it said how she was going to shoot all the boys. I clicked out of it and went on ifunny. When I went to check subscriptions all they said was that a girl with a black coat and red fedora was going to shoot the guys. I told my mum and she said it was just rumors. But when I checked Niall's twitter it said the same thing. I wasn't going to tell mum though. My mum interuppted my thoughts by saying "Were here!" My heart began to beat harder and harder when I sawsomeone with a black coat and red fedora. But,my mum saw I was staring and said quit it because she said staring was bad for your apperince. I grabbed my backstage pass and my regular ticket to see I am very first seat in front row. I then saw that the girl that everyone was talking about sitting next to me. I saw something shiny inside her coat. I politely asked her if she was the girl from twitter. She said yes and i said oh. She said that whatever you heard about me is true thats why I got front row. If you say anything your first. I then ran until I bumped into someone. "I am soo sorry!" I then looked up to see Niall Horan's blue orbs as eyes. "Why hello sweetie what's your name?" "Diana" I responded as he looked down. "That's nice" he said with a half smile. He then pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me. "I have to go call me maybe around 11?" "Sure" I said as I warned him that the girl who said she was going to shoot one direction was sitting next to me and that I saw her gun. HE told me to sit backstage.I obeyed him and went there. I then sat and thought about what my mum is going to say.


Hey everyone. Hoped you liked it. I hope Iam not copying anyone story. I am just going off the top of my head by the way. This didn't get a single like or comment but I updated anyway. BYE :}                      Nasya

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