Just Believe

Its About a Girl who finds herself in serious trouble but also turns out to have some kinds of powers she got out of no where. She tries showing her mom what it is. But ends up being kicked by her Mom. READ TO FIND OUT MORE!


1. "HELP!"

I woke from bed from a terrible dream. I had a Huge Headache. That I couldn't gt rid of. I tried cereal to get rid of it but you wont believe what just happened. My cereal milk disappeared. I got up and added some more milk. And once I got back from the putting the milk back in the fridge it was gone. "Well, I guess im gonna skip breakfast". I said to myself.

As I walked out the door I heard a stick snap. I got in ninja mode. "Who's There??" I said suddenly I was rapped in a bag and knocked out. And dragged Into a car.


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